Poor Ergonomics Can Cost Your Organization More Than You Realize

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You hear the word “ergonomic” used (and often overused!) in the dental industry. But what does it really mean? At A-dec®, it’s simple: an ergonomic design is one that naturally positions clinicians in healthy way, so they can work safely, comfortably, and efficiently with less risk of physical strain and injury. That’s important—and not just on the job.

At the end of the day, your employees want to feel good enough to enjoy their life outside of the clinic, and A-dec dental equipment helps make that possible. A-dec products are thoughtfully designed to support an optimal, ergonomic view of the oral cavity so your doctors, assistants, and hygienists can work longer and feel better.

Less pain = more gain

Dentists and dental hygienists must do tightly controlled and repetitive movements, work in static positions for long periods of time, and must often contort their bodies to gain better visibility and access to the oral cavity. It’s no wonder 40-60% report suffering physical pain at some point in their careers. Work-related musculoskeletal issues, like carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic neck and back pain, can prevent your teams from working to their full capacity, or cause them to prematurely leave their jobs altogether.

Knowing that these debilitating injuries often start early in a dental career, more dental schools are teaching their students ergonomically correct practices. A-dec takes it a step further, designing products with Smart Ergonomics that encourage good posture and proper working techniques by reducing unnecessary twisting, leaning, and reaching.

That pays off in two ways: Not only can your employees practice longer with less strain, fatigue and pain, they’ll feel better at the end of the day. Choosing A-dec dental equipment shows that you care about their wellbeing—which can go a long way toward employee satisfaction, recruitment, and retention.

Putting Smart Ergonomics to work

Comfort for dentists and assistants starts with good posture. A-dec stools are scientifically engineered to conform and move with the body, helping your employees maintain a healthy seated posture while working. A-dec stools position clinicians in an “athletic” posture that reduces stress on the joints and spine, and provides better circulation to the feet and extremities.

A-dec dental chairs have thin, flexible backrests and one of the lowest base-down points in the industry. This allows doctors of all sizes to roll in close and practice in a comfortable, natural position—with legs under the patient and elbows at their sides.

A-dec delivery systems keep handpieces within easy, natural reach during treatment; and the innovative Radius® configuration makes it simple to move the delivery to either side of the chair to accommodate both right- and left-handed clinicians.

Your dental teams can even learn to how to improve sight lines and body mechanics with A-dec’s “Angles of Access” app. It shows ergonomically healthy ways to position themselves (and the headrest of the A-dec dental chair) to get a clear view of every region of the oral cavity.

Boost your clinic efficiency—ergonomically!

A-dec’s Smart Ergonomics naturally boost efficiency along with comfort—making what’s good for your staff good for your bottom line, too.

At the patient-treatment level, efficiency is a function of the A-dec dental furniture, chair and delivery systems’ ergonomic designs. A-dec’s “flight deck” concept puts everything the team needs within easy reach, minimizing time-wasting movements. Having one convenient, organized zone with every tool at their fingertips—and optimal access to the oral cavity—allows dental teams to work more productively, without having to stand, leave the room, or take their eyes off the treatment area.

Looking beyond patient treatment, A-dec brings DSOs a seamless, integrated process with a purposeful clinic layout. Equipping treatment rooms with A-dec dental chairs, stools, deliveries, lights and furniture—and having a dedicated A-dec sterilization center—can make a significant difference in efficiency, which fuels profitability and future growth. A well-designed layout not only helps increase the chances of dental professionals having long, productive careers, it also helps keep your clinics moving smoothly, efficiently, and on schedule.

Your partner for long-term success

DSOs who choose A-dec enjoy the added value of having a long-term partner dedicated to their success. All A-dec Territory Managers are Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialists (CEAS) who can assess your entire clinical space to optimize ergonomics and workflow, free of charge. In addition, they can help with everything from treatment room space planning to training your teams on the optimal use of your new A-dec equipment. And you’ll have access to live A-dec Customer Service support by phone, 12 hours a day, five days a week.

A-dec understands what DSOs need to succeed and thrive: scalable solutions that empower your teams to work smarter, more productively, and more comfortably. That’s what fuels profitability and future growth.

With a full range of dental equipment including lights, handpieces, dental furniture, sterilization centers, and mechanical room equipment—and exclusive packages designed just for DSOs—A-dec makes it simple to outfit your clinics with healthy ergonomics in mind. It’s a smart investment in your staff, your profitability, and your future.

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