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Product Description

tab32 has created the industry’s first full-service dental software, built from the ground up with loud technologies to enable access from anywhere, and from any device. With true multi-tenancy, virtualization technology, data storage, and scalability, the tab32 platform allows seamless data interoperability for dental practices across the patient care continuum. tab32 offers the only full-service tech stack for dental practices and DSOs, and the only provider with cloud-first, futureproof, and ready-to-deploy solutions for the industry’s current and future needs. While other dental software companies are playing catchup, tab32 is pushing forward with industry-defining innovations to support
both DSOs and individual practices as they leverage new data tools, improve patient care, and navigate a world of increasing dental practice consolidation.

Open Data Warehouse

With proprietary open data warehousing technology that standardizes data models so that all data
collected is readable and available for easy reporting, tab32’s platform also comes with robust machine learning capabilities that provide dental practices with invaluable business intelligence. This enables capabilities such as automating workflows (such as auto-booking incomplete treatments), conducting multi-location aware analytics on business growth and profitability, and tracking in-depth dental key performance indicators with dollar per square feet of production, pre-set monthly or seasonal goals,
number of treatments, number of visits, new patients versus returning patients, much more. These are crucial insights for DSOs as they scale from 10 practices to 200, or more practices under management.

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