How To Dominate All Your Locations in Google

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Owning and managing a DSO can be both exciting and daunting. It can also be quite expensive to market each of your locations online. One of the most common approaches is Google AdWords. Unfortunately Google will charge you per click (or call) whatever they want, which can get very expensive. Along with that is what has been researched and referenced to as “fake traffic” by bots, which can dramatically increase your costs and you won’t even know why.

Studies have shown that AdWords drives approximately 10% of website traffic. So, that leaves 90% on the table that you could be getting with the right approach.

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Standard SEO Approach

If you have ever hired SEO companies before, the typical approach is to go after all the main terms like, ‘city dentist’, ‘city invisalign’, ‘city cosmetic dentist’, ‘city dental implants’.

The flaw in this approach is that everyone is doing it, making it extremely competitive, with a long wait to make it to the top of page 1, if ever.  Here at The Dental Boost we consider this person a “searcher” who is not ready to buy.

You may have experienced this, where month-after-month your conversion with the SEO company is, “Give us more time. We are making progress.”

Unfortunately, progress from middle of page 2 to top of page 2 can take several months.  Furthermore moving to the bottom of page 1 most likely will take a few months more.  This strategy from a traditional SEO company still may not bring in any new patients. The ROI is severely delayed. Sometimes as much as a year, depending on how competitive your locations are.

A Unique Approach To SEO

 Our agency has spent the last 14 months reverse-engineering SEO (search engine optimization), and have come up with what we feel is the best, most cost-effective system to dominate each of your locations (and surrounding locations) for hundreds of what we refer to as ‘buyer intent’ dental keyword phrases.

People Have Become Smarter Using Search

It is critical for you, the DSO owner, to understand consumer behavior. Google has been around for nearly 20 years, and people have gotten much smarter in how they use it. Searchers realize the more specific the search phrase they put in, the more relevant result they will get, which saves them time and frustration.

For example, if someone has a strong desire and interest in Invisalign, they will not just type in Invisalign + city. They are what we refer to as further down the buyer path, so they may type in cost of invisalign + city, invisalign before and after + city, or some other variation (we have over 800 Invisalign buyer intent phrases). For information on this approach, click here.

This is a very exciting opportunity for your DSO to land much bigger, higher value cases in all your locations. When you have the top positions in Google organic for hundreds of buyer intent phrases, your chances of landing these bigger cases goes up dramatically.  And, you will end up dominating your locations over all your competitors who do not have the SEO resources or knowledge to do it.

Voice Search Is Growing Rapidly

More than 50% of all local searches are done on a mobile device. And the growing number of voice activated search is climbing steadily.

Again, I want you to get into the mind of the consumer. When you are talking into your phone and doing a search, you will no doubt use a more specific phrase like the ones mentioned earlier. As it is awkward to say “dentist city” when doing voice search.

This again, is another huge opportunity for your DSO to win the mobile search battle as well.

Grab This Opportunity

The goal we have with all our clients is to dominate their locations for their practices. This approach we take for SEO does just that. We have clients with over 500 top 3 positions in Google at any given time.

Our exhaustive research has come up with a massive 5,000+ ‘buyer intent’ dental keyword database. Many of them we have put in clusters like Invisalign, Orthodontics, Wisdom Teeth, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentist, and even Emergency Dentistry.

For a dental support organization or a dental group practice can help you dominate Google with all of your dental practice locations. This strategy can help you achieve 90% of organic search volume that brings more qualified visitors (and ultimate new patients) to all your dental practices.

Mike Pedersen is the CEO of The Dental Boost, a top dental SEO and web design agency. Mike is offering a digital assessment for any DSO owner who has a strong interest in this unique approach to SEO. Schedule your assessment today!