Recap of ‘Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium’ and the Pillars that Draw Attendees

A standing ovation at a Scaling Up networking session for Dr. Wayne as he is inducted into the Dental Hall of Fame.

Last month, Mortenson Dental Partners hosted the 4th Annual Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium in Louisville, KY. Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium is a DSO conference intended to bring together leaders in the DSO space to share best practices in scaling business solutions as a DSO grows.

The event brought together hundreds of dental professionals for two days of learning and idea sharing. Held at the brand new, beautiful Omni Hotel, the event hosted over 350 attendees representing 66 dental service organizations and 2,310 dental offices from 30 states.

There are several pillars of the Scaling Up event that make it unique and draw attendees from all across the country. One of those pillars is the out-of-industry perspective offered through a keynote speaker. This presentation is meant to illustrate how dental organizations can learn important lessons from other industries that have undergone similar changes that the dental industry is going through.

At this year’s event, attendees got to hear from New York Times best selling Author, Jon Acuff. Jon’s engaging and entertaining presentation gave attendees a variety of tactics to help achieve their goals. His perspective was a refreshing reminder that because many businesses get caught up in ever-changing goals, it is critical to the business’s success and to the culture of the team to finish goals.

Another big draw for attendees is the networking opportunities Scaling Up presents throughout the event. There are two networking receptions designed to encourage relationship building and idea-sharing conversations. Vendors are encouraged to participate in the networking sessions to learn their customers’ pain points for product evolution and as an opportunity to share available solutions with customers. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and to share successes or setbacks they have experienced with the group.

A special Technology Session is also a unique pillar of Scaling Up that attendees look forward to each year. The Technology Session focuses on not only great technology solutions for DSOs, but also how to ensure your data and technology are secure and compliant. This year, speakers covered how data analytics is used to drive business decisions, what to do if a software auditor comes knocking, and cybersecurity.

The two-day event was filled with great content covering a wide variety of topics important to growing DSOs. From succession planning, big data and analytics, and doctor development, to managing your real estate portfolio and the overall state of the industry, Scaling Up presenters covered critical components to scaling your business.

Mortenson Dental Partners is the largest employee-owned DSO in the country and operates 140 dental practices in nine states. Mortenson Dental Partners is headquartered in Louisville, KY, and offered tours of their Support Services Center to Scaling Up attendees prior to the event.

Mortenson Dental Partners was founded by Dr. Wayne Mortenson, who served as CEO until October of 2018. In a tribute to Dr. Mortenson for his impact on the dental profession, the communities MDP serves, and his charitable endeavors throughout his career, the Crown Council inducted Dr. Wayne and Sue Mortenson into the Dental Hall of Fame on Thursday, November 15th, in front of the Scaling Up crowd at one of the networking receptions.

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