Register NOW, Only a Few Seats Remain for Scaling Up!

Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium is about to sell out once again! The second annual Scaling Up event will be hosted in beautiful Louisville, KY, November 9-11, 2016.  If you would like to learn from industry experts about how to grow and manage your DSO, register now!

Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium was created as a way for dental service organizations looking to grow or to learn from other DSOs as a way to come together and share best practices.  It is a well-known fact that the landscape of the dental industry is changing, and the mission of Scaling Up is not only to prepare for the changes coming, but to influence the changes.

Content of the symposium is designed to build on what was discussed in 2015, and to open the experience up to more dental groups looking to join a community of DSO leaders. The Seelbach Hilton provides a unique, historic, and intimate setting for the symposium. This is an interactive symposium, allowing for engagement with the presenters and Q&A time which is built into the agenda.

Scaling Up is designed to start a conversation between dental organizations and specialists in areas that are critical to the success of a DSO. Do you know the value of your organization? What is your strategy to picking your next location? Experts in change management, designing a culture, legal regulations, human resources, marketing, risk management and a long list of other topics, will be leading conversations throughout the symposium.

Grab your spot before it is too late. Attend Scaling Up 2016 by registering here and join the conversation!