Radiology Ahead…A Better Way

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Villa Radiology Systems may not be a familiar brand name in the United States, but it’s a new one you are bound to start remembering soon. Although this Italy-based company is approaching its 60th anniversary distributing imaging systems in 90 countries, Villa has only recently decided to step into the light here and be a game changer in the realm of dental imaging.

“How can we do that?” asks Paul Blocchi, COO of North and Central America. “It’s actually very dynamic. We’re bringing you a better way—and we have the know-how to do that.”  Blocchi says Villa will be executing their mission of “Radiology Ahead…A Better Way,” which commits to excellence in three key result areas: Design, Value, and Experience.


On the design side, Villa has made their products simple: easy to use, easy to access, and easy to service. Current technologies include: the Endograph DC in intraoral radiography; Videograph HD in intraoral sensor imaging; the Rotograph Evo D in panoramic and pan/ceph systems; and the Rotograph Evo 3D CBCT system.

Villa is introducing several other innovations in terms of value to dental group practice and dental support organizations. Their offerings will decrease the “total cost of ownership” compared to similar systems, while providing the most services and programs of any imaging company. In addition to competitive pricing, they are introducing the industry’s first Lifetime Limited Warranty.

In terms of client experience, Villa provides an entire support ecosystem called “Pronto!”, which in Italian means “ready!”.  Blocchi describes Pronto! as a protocol that will minimize the amount of time a practice loses productivity while working through a service call, so your team can stay focused on providing dental care. If needed, highly trained service technicians will come prepared to act—instead of react—when they are called to resolve any service issues, further saving the practice considerable time and money.

“We have built-in infrastructures that create a very unique operational synergy,” Blocchi explains. “We believe these faster, standardized, and less complicated types of systems will save thousands of dollars in total cost of ownership, while providing a better client experience for dental practices over the lifetime of their Villa products.”

With a wealth of experience in the dental market, backed by six decades of research, development, and manufacturing—and by offering the unique and modern support ecosystem, Pronto!—the Villa brand really is prime to drive “Radiology Ahead…A Better Way.”