Subscription… The Evolution for Intra-Oral Digital Xray Sensors for DSOs

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We know how the story went, Netflix vanquished Blockbuster by delivering their offering for a set monthly fee, kicking off the “subscription era” if you will.  The giants of their day live on borrowed time until someone with a better idea step forward. It’s no fault to the product that they sell either. The end goal largely doesn’t change; customers pursue their needs regardless; it’s how customers acquire the product that supplants past players.

The dental world doesn’t need another intraoral sensor, what it does need is an affordable one, seamlessly integrated with all major software, and attached to a warranty that works for DSOs.

Digital intraoral sensors have become essential tools since the first CCD sensors were introduced in the 1980s. Traditionally, practices have spent tens of thousands of dollars upfront to purchase sensors.  They came with limited original warranties, which meant that practices had to deal with high costs for extended warranties, limited coverage and co-pays for damaged sensors.

Thirty years ago, this model may have made sense, but if we can learn anything from the likes of Blockbuster and traditional film, we know that change is inevitable.

One oft-concealed fact about the intra-oral sensor market is that only a few companies design and manufacture their own sensors. Most buy sensors from manufacturers, mark up the sensor, and sell through a dealer — who marks up the price yet again. These dental companies and dealers can’t readily resolve technical issues because they are far removed from the design/manufacture process making them slow to recognize and respond to customer issues while financially incenting them to not replace failed sensors.

The biggest secret is – your sensor will fail.  There are a lot of high-tech components packed into a tight space. Also, intraoral sensors are one of the most handled technology tools in the practice. Like a cell phone, the typical sensor has a lifespan of about 5 years.

A team of engineers in San Jose, CA, who developed the DEXIS and Gendex sensors recognized an opportunity to eliminate the headaches of dentists from high up-front costs and expensive sensor warranties and deductibles.  Jazz Imaging designed a new sensor, manufacturing it in their own Silicon Valley factory, and selling directly to DSOs and dentists at a low upfront cost with reasonable monthly subscription fees that include unlimited, no deductible warranty and support.

In 2017, Jazz Imaging launched the first sensor-subscription model in the industry. To date, thousands of offices have adopted the subscription service as their preferred method to add and replace sensors. The subscription model also overcomes the common problem of not having the correct sensor to provider ratio.

“As an owner of 10 offices who has used Schick for a long time, we are excited to have discovered the SOLO sensor from Jazz.  The sensor is comfortable for our patients and is less expensive than adding more Schick sensors.  I highly recommend considering Jazz Imaging when you need to add sensors to your practice.” –Dr. Sean Tomalty, Palm Beach, Florida

Sensor subscriptions make the most sense for DSOs by preserving capital while delivering the best experience to both the staff and patient.  When a sensor fails it sends an office into chaos, delaying treatment and frustrating the clinical team.  Zero deductible lifetime warranties that come with the subscription greatly increase the speed of resolution or replacement in order to get the practice back on track.

DSOs who are disappointed with high, up-front costs along with the inevitable ritual of haggling with their sensor provider when something goes wrong, greatly benefit from the subscription model.

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compatibility and high-quality imaging. 

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