Taking Charge of Hiring Your Leadership Team

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As a leader in your DSO, one of your most important responsibilities is the hiring of your team. On a professional level, having the right leaders will allow you to scale and grow with confidence. On a personal level, it allows you to leverage your time and get back to doing what you enjoy.

As your business evolves and expands, so will the importance of your hiring decisions. This can be the most pivotal time in determining the direction of your organization. Arguably, there are no bigger decisions than the leaders with whom you surround yourself.

We’ve all been guilty of hiring someone that was not our ideal candidate. Whether we were in a hurry to get the role filled or we simply didn’t attract the right candidate, we have all been there. Unfortunately, we have also seen the damage this can cause.

So where do you look for assistance when it is time to hire? Retained executive search consulting firms are a great start.


Creating the Vision – Create a specific vision for the role. In this evolving world of the DSO, there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to defining your opportunity and what you feel is needed. Whether it is a C-level position so that you can get back to doing what you enjoy and are good at, a VP of Marketing to help acquire new patients or a Regional Director position that has opened due to a departure, you want to make sure you are clear in your expectations of the role.

Start with Ideal – Stay focused on what getting an A-player can do for you and your team. If the position is for a senior level leadership member, know that they will significantly impact the future of the organization. From culture to strategy, the ideal candidate must be aligned with your vision. Far too often, owners/hiring managers feel like speed is the most important part of filling a role. They are so concerned with getting a “body” into the position that they settle on what might not be an ideal candidate. This type of thinking is almost guaranteed to have negative repercussions.

Seek Assistance – It’s okay to ask for help from an expert. When establishing a relationship with an executive recruiting firm, fit is a big part of it. Do you like them? Can you trust them? Do they have history and experience? Do you value their opinion? When you meet with an executive search firm, make sure that they want to dig deeper into the position and your organization.


Retained executive search consulting firms tend to be used when looking for senior level management positions. They can play a major role in finding the most qualified candidates. True game-changers are helping others build their dreams and not looking for jobs. Your executive search consulting partner will find these types of candidates.

Retained firms differentiate themselves by the following:

  1. Combining experience, performance and reputation – They should have in-depth knowledge of the industry and possess a successful track record.
  2. Becoming part of the team They are only successful when you are successful.  A reputable firm will spend time getting to know your group, the specifics of the opportunity and, most importantly, your culture.
  3. Finding the right “fit” – They follow the quality over quantity method when presenting candidates.  They help eliminate the inefficiencies of the application process and allow you to focus on only the most qualified candidates.
  4. Easing the burden – They will assist in all aspects of the search from sourcing candidates to assisting with salary negotiation.  This can be an invaluable time and frustration savings allowing you to focus on what you do best, leading your team.
  5. Partnering for years to come – An effective firm should offer guarantees ensuring they have found the right fit.  They intend to partner with your group for many years to come.

As your DSO grows, so does your need for assistance. You simply cannot do it all. 

At Zingaro, Fidler, Wolfe & Co. we are uniquely positioned to assist in your search for senior level leaders. Combining our experience in the dental industry with over 28 years and 600 successful executive level placements, we are poised to ensure you find the right leaders.

If you are looking to grow your senior level leadership team or would like more information, please contact Jon Fidler:

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