Tech to Add Scalable, Recurring Revenue to Your DSO’s Practice Profit Model [Webinar Recording]

Expanding access to coverage for patients is integral to remove the barriers for dental treatments. Too often group practices miss an opportunity to leverage technology that offers simple and more affordable treatment options to dental care while creating a more consistent, reliable revenue stream for their business.

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Create a membership plan that gets results and scales across your group. 

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Dan Crawford, of Kleer, has seen first-hand the power of membership plan technology that bridges the gap between enterprise needs and patient care. In this webinar, he will discuss:

  • Real practice data that measures patient behaviors and practice performance across fee-for-service, PPO, and membership plan patients.
  • The importance of improving patient access to care in a way that increases practice production and profit.
  • How to create a system that will not only produce reliable and predictable monthly income but will improve core KPIs (i.e., visits, treatment, production).
  • Simple steps to create a scalable solution for your group — regardless of size.
  • Why automation, organization, and data collection are crucial components to support your growth.