The Attitude that Makes a Dental Implant Partnership Network Team Successful

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Written by Christian Stevens, Vice President of Human Resources at Frontline Dental Implant Specialists

At Frontline Dental Implant Specialists (FDIS), we understand a team can accomplish more than any individual.  But what is it about great teams that take them to the top?

We understand great teams succeed not for one reason but for a collection of factors, and these factors help teams reach unbelievable heights while other groups stay in the same place spinning their wheels. Frontline also understands team members can be successful at work, impact people’s lives and enjoy their life outside of the office.

In the sections ahead, we’ll share valuable insights on how Frontline builds exceptional teams and forms successful partnerships. Gain an insider understanding of our strategies and practices in building and maintaining great teams.

Winning teams work together for the common goals

Winning teams are goal oriented. Losing teams lack focus. All winning teams are goal-oriented. Teams with this mindset win consistently because everyone connected with them concentrates on specific objectives. The best dental implant practices in the world operate with this methodology, this is why we partner with the best of the best in dental implants. We bring together the best of the best to achieve our shared goal of transforming lives through meaningful work.

Partnering with the Best

Needless to say, Frontline doesn’t partner with just anyone. Our partners must meet specific standards, such as maintaining a certain percentage of all services being implant services.

These practices understand that to lead your team to the top, you must always keep the goal in mind. You have to ensure everyone on your team knows the one thing that will take your practice to the top and keep it there.  The leaders in the practice align the goals for each team member to benefit the individual and the team overall.

Our partners are passionate about making a difference and find joy in the transformative moments when patients see their new smiles for the first time after surgery, the “smile reveal.” Being part of the Frontline team, they collaboratively learn from other top professionals in the field for the mutual benefit of their patients.

By aligning ourselves with individuals and implant organizations that share our mission and values, we create a network of like-minded professionals who inspire and learn from one another.

Successful teams have leaders who are open about what is expected of each team member.

Great teams have leaders who are honest with each team member and explain what is expected of them. At Frontline and our partner practices, the leaders outline what role that person will play on the team. They are open about each member’s goals to help the team achieve them. We advise every leader should listen to that individual and allow him or her input into what he or she can provide the team.

By having this conversation from the beginning, each team member knows what to expect, and they are bought in since they gave input. That honest and open dialogue will set the tone for future team communication, collaboration, and growth.

Hire the best people for the skills needed in the offices.  Then let those people do what they do best.

Redefining Success Through Collaboration

At Frontline, we don’t just pay lip service to the importance of teamwork and collaboration—we actively foster a culture that encourages meaningful conversations and knowledge exchange within our partnership network.

Our approach to collaborative learning is second to none, so we created the Frontline Institute, which offers a community of opportunities for knowledge-sharing, mentorship, and skill development. Through collaboration and the exchange of best practices, we continuously raise the bar for patient care and drive the growth and success of dental implant practices within our network. This institute allows team members (doctors, oral surgeons, implant coordinators, dental assistants, etc.) to access resources and each other to advance their learning, techniques, and careers. Working together to achieve the best results.

Embracing High Standards and Fostering Personal Growth

Wise leaders recognize they cannot do everything alone and expect great success. We have teams for a reason. We must put each team member in a position to help the practice succeed and set the standard.

At Frontline, the standards we expect from our partners mirror the expectations we hold for ourselves. Results-driven leadership requires demonstrating through action, as empty words and gestures carry no weight.

We work together to set goals, expecting nothing less than our best efforts. Simultaneously, we actively encourage professional and personal growth, supporting team members in pursuing the life they want to live.

For example, we had an implant coordinator who worked for one of our offices in Florida but wanted to move to Texas to be closer to family. She was hoping to find a job in Texas. As soon as Frontline heard about her needing to move to be closer to family, we found a role for her in one of our partner offices in Texas.

Why? Because she was a valuable team member and we want to retain her and for her to be happy in her personal life. We are committed to her growth and success, both professionally and personally.

Frontline’s commitment to unwavering standards of excellence, fostering collaboration, and supporting team members’ aspirations is vital to our continued growth.  By adhering to these high-quality “ingredients,” we set the Frontline standards and push for success.

Once your team has established standards, insist that every team member follows them and acts by them. Don’t allow individuals to ignore them. Take action to get offending individuals in line. The rest of the team will respect those who uphold the team’s standards.

Solid benefits so homelife is better

At Frontline, we prioritize offering excellent insurance benefits such as medical, dental, vision, and 401K options. In these challenging times, when many places cut or reduce benefits, we stand out by providing comprehensive support.

We understand that the strain of diminished benefits can cause stress for team members and make it harder to balance work and home life. That’s why our HR department constantly seeks the best benefits, ensuring our team members have peace of mind. We want them to focus on their work while at work and have the freedom to prioritize their family at home. With Frontline, you can count on us to deliver the support you need for a better work-life balance.

Great teams work together to raise the overall performance of the team

When you create a team or join one, have an open and honest discussion about the goals for the team and each team member. Establish standards by which the team will work and act. Allow everyone’s voice to be heard and others to serve in leadership roles. Give them the tools to succeed.

For example, Frontline invests in every practice by putting them on the same Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. While the change in software means learning and training for team members, it will put them in a position to be more successful as they will be more efficient at their job, can quickly analyze the data, and, most importantly, better communicate with each other and their patients.

Lastly, ensure that everyone recognizes that they have essential roles to help the office succeed. And support and encourage every team member, even if it means losing them one day.

Adhere to those principles, and your team and practice will grow.

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