Top 10 types of people who need to subscribe to GroupDentistryNow

Since David Letterman has now officially retired, along with his infamous ‘Top Ten List’, we are creating our own list for our audience.

The top 10 types of people who absolutely NEED to subscribe to

10. You currently work for, or own, a DSO or group practice and you want to see what the competition is doing.

9. You are graduating dental school and looking for an opportunity to pay down your student debt and realize a DSO is a practical solution.

8. You are a solo practitioner and a DSO or group practice just moved into your neighborhood and you want to find out want your competition is doing.

7. You are tired of paperwork and human resource issues and are ready to just practice the art of dentistry.

6. You are trying to sell your dental products/services to DSOs and groups and you need to figure out how to get to the decision makers

5. You are looking to sell your practice in the next 5 to 10 years and are considering affiliating with a DSO.

4. You want to read about Dental Support Organizations and their best practices and incorporate them into your practice or group.

3. You are trying to figure out what the difference is between a dental group practice and a dental support organization and you think you may find the answer here. (Let us know when you do!).

2. You currently work for a DSO or group practice and are thinking of making a career move and want to find out what the other DSOs and groups are offering.

And the #1 type of person who really, absolutely, without a doubt needs to subscribe to is ………







1. A dental doomsdayer who believes the industry will be taken over by the evils of “corporate dentistry”.

Which one are you? – Subscribe HERE