Top 5 Dental Support Organizations to Watch in 2016

To compile our objective and solid list of DSOs to watch this year, we examined the market, reviewed stories from throughout 2015, and studied the various business models of each DSO.  No scientific method used here, just good old-fashioned research.  Here’s the list:

1. Spring & Sprout – Spring & Sprout made a move in Sept 2015 acquiring the two offices of Rising Stars Pediatric Dentistry in Austin, TX.  Read the story HERE.  Spring & Sprout now has offices in its home state of Michigan, as well as Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas.   Keep an eye on Spring & Sprout as they continue to grow, adding more offices in Texas and the Midwest.


2. Smiles Dental Group (Smiles Services)  – In 2015, Longview, WA based Smiles Dental, added several offices to its group which has swelled to over 20 locations in the Pacific Northwest.  According to Smiles Dental, their “Secret Sauce”  is what makes them different. Read about the affiliations HEREsslogo

3. Marquee Dental Partners –  The youngest of the DSOs on this list.  Marquee received substantial funding in 2015 from Chicago Pacific Founders.  Read the funding story HERE.   Usdan and team quickly affiliated Embassy Dental and their seven offices in Nashville.  Read about Embassy HERE.  In early December, Marquee added a Kentucky practice to its group, Bohle Family Dentistry.  Look for Marquee to affiliate with more offices in Kentucky, Tennessee and other Southeast states.


4. Heartland Dental – Heartland continues to amaze us and the dental industry with its continued growth and success.  Heartland now has over 700 locations and is the largest DSO in the United States.  How many offices will Heartland have this time next year?  800?  900? Stay tuned by subscribing to GDN for free.  Read all the Heartland stories HERE .


5. Mortenson Family Dental – Mortenson has quietly grown to become one of the largest dental groups in the Midwest.  Mortenson and their work with Scaling Up Group Dental demonstrates the collaborative nature of this DSO.  Scaling Up Group Dental is an annual group dental symposium which is helping dental groups throughout the US learn from each other.