Websites Have Become Your DSO’s New Front Door. Who’s Answering?

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People don’t buy the way they used to. A DSO or dental group’s website has become the new dental practice front door. The moment potential patients enter your website, their interest is at the highest point. The longer that person is not recognized, their level of interest starts to decrease.

Live chat is the most effective channel of communication online and creating a positive experience is critical.

Patients visit your DSO or dental group’s website with intent and need to be met and greeted with the same appreciation and respect as anyone who visits your group’s physical location. Being engaged immediately on your website, with passion and empathy, begins to influence the patient experience even before they meet the front office team or sit in the dental chair.

Studies show that people crave empathy more than service in an initial website engagement. You must humanize your website experience to immediately welcome and serve your visitors, bringing you a more informed, educated and an interested prospective patient who is comfortable taking the next step.

SiteStaff offers live chat customer service, software and full-service hosting. Live chat is their passion and they understand the single most important component to your successful DSO is your culture. It’s that culture which separates your DSO from others; it’s what people buy.

All human, nothing automated.
How do you turn a website visitor into a patient? Conversion rates are extremely low (2-3% at best) on practice websites because it’s such a personal decision and an emotional purchase. By humanizing an otherwise robotic process, using SiteStaff’s unique brand of “Live Chat,” you increase conversion of website visitors and even more importantly transform those visitors into new dental patients.

In order for SiteStaff to properly and expertly serve its client base, they hire the best hosts in the world to represent them. Their chat hosts are all college-educated Americans who are not only technically proficient, but also possess a high level of empathy to form emotional connections that truly influence the buying decision.

SiteStaff conducts personal discovery sessions with their dental clients so they can understand and represent their unique culture of care, also generating the ideal answers to frequently asked questions and conduct regular review sessions to get these answers as close to perfect as possible.

Best of all, once SiteStaff agrees to serve a new practice,
they guarantee a positive financial return. 

If a client doesn’t profit from their initial investment, SiteStaff continues to serve them for free until they do. They believe chat is an art form, and your website is their canvas.

Through SiteStaff’s strategy, they create:

  • Better engagement experience – even visitors who are not necessarily leads are greeted with the best possible first impression;
  • Warmer leads that close more often because of the emotional connection created;
  • Long-standing client partnerships that will always meet expectations and generate positive returns

Case Study #1: Barotz Dental, Denver, Colorado

Barotz Dental, a forward-thinking practice and one of the first practices to proactively market online, asked SiteStaff to provide live chat so the practice would have 24-hour representation and convert web leads during the inquiry process. In its first three weeks of service in 2013, they reported $55,000 in new cosmetic case bookings. They continue to be highly productive.

2019 Results Year to Date (6+ months):

• 62 Bona fide, highly qualified leads
• 37% chat to lead ratio
• 15 sec Average initial response time (Global average is 49 seconds, per LiveChat Inc.’s 2019 Customer Service Benchmark Report 7:54 Average length of chat conversation)

SiteStaff leads have been credited with over half a million dollars in new patient revenue to date.

“Use SiteStaff because everyone needs 24-hour representation. If you’re not using SiteStaff you’re losing potential business. There are leads that are clearly people that would have gone on to another website but the fact that we were able to chat, they stopped at our website, and then capture follow up information makes all the difference.” – Colson Tankersley, Marketing and Practice Development, Barotz Dental

Case Study #2, Scott Sayre, DDS, Cincinnati, Ohio

Scott Sayre, DDS, has been practicing in the field of dentistry for over 40 years. His focus is in IV-Sedation Dentistry was generated and perfected as a commitment to his patient-centered focus on easing anxiety, and his promotional calls to action, including Free First Visit and SiteStaff’s live chat support his practice culture.

During the month of November these were the practice’s live chat results:

• Unique visitors during chat hours: 3452
• Chat sessions initiated: 159
• Leads generated: 68
• Calls transferred: 56
• Appointments scheduled: 18
• Patients generated: 12
• Profit: $22,380

“Absolutely wonderful. We would not change a thing! Everything SiteStaff is doing is exceeding our expectations. Keep doing what you’re doing!” -Clay Griffin, Marketing Director

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