What’s Going on at the ADA Meeting for group Practices this Week? Anything?

The location?

This week is the American Dental Association’s annual meeting.  This year the capital of our country, Washington, DC will be the host city for this event.  Attendance seems to fluctuate depending on the location of the annual sessions, and  Washington DC may prove to be a challenge.  Hotel, travel and union labor costs tend to keep both exhibitors and attendees to a minimum.  On a brighter note, the weather looks to be beautiful along the East Coast this week which may help attract local practices from Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

What’s in it for DSOs and groups this year?

Not much.  Last year, the ADSO held their annual meeting on the front end of ADA’s annual session in San Antonio.  This year, the ADSO meeting was held as a stand alone event in Las Vegas.  It will continue to be a stand alone meeting in 2016.

Reviewing the list of courses offered at the annual sessions this year, I found only one course that has a hint of anything related to DSOs and group practices.  On Thursday Nov. 5th from 4-5, Greig Davis, CPA will conduct a course entitled Top Struggles of Group Practices and How to Overcome them.


What does the ADA need to do?

At some point the ADA needs to offer more for DSO and group dentists or the ADA risks becoming an association for solo practices only and the membership will decline.  Will the ADSO, AADGP, or another yet unknown association step up and offer the services and education that DSOs and groups desire?  Time will tell….

Written by Camille Fay, freelance dental contributor