Why Choose a Career Path with a Dental Support Organization?

Career opportunities are abundant with dental support organizations.  If you are a graduating dental student, a dentist looking for a new career path, or a dental professional looking for the next challenge, a dental service organization can be a solid choice for a long term career opportunity with growth potential.

Don’t believe the myth that the only reason to work for a DSO or dental group practice are for the short term opportunities: to gain on-the-job experience before you start your own practice or go work for another solo dentist as an associate.  This is one path, but with most progressive dental support organizations, there are many reasons to continue on your career with the DSO.  In fact, there are many reasons why one would choose a career with a DSO.

For Dentists

  • Debt Assistance – Many dental groups now assist in paying down your student debt.  The average dentist can leave dental school with approximately $250,000 in student loan debt.
  • Continuing Education – Most DSOs have sophisticated clinical and business education programs which help shape and give future direction.
  • Mentoring – Learn from a multitude of experienced dentists and specialists.
  • Innovation – Access to modern dental materials, equipment and technology.
  • Focus – DSOs give dentists the ability to concentrate on practicing the art of dentistry without the distractions and burden of  running a business.  This freedom allows a dentist to focus on patients, quality care, and outcome.
  • Financials – On a national average, most dentists in a DSO setting earn a higher salary than dentists in a private practice setting.
  • Ownership. Yes, ownership – In many groups an ownership track is available after working for the DSO for a certain amount of time.  Ownership can be gained in existing DSO practices, and there is also the potential opportunity to open a new DSO practice with an equity stake.

For Dental Professionals

If you are a dental assistant, office manager, receptionist, hygienist, or treatment plan coordinator, a dental service organization can offer a wide array of opportunities with great pay and advancement opportunities.

  • Career Advancement – There are substantial growth and career opportunities within a group practice or DSO that cannot be found in private practice.
  • Innovation – The ability to use the latest and most advanced  dental materials and technologies.
  • Mentoring – Learn from experienced dentists and dental professionals.
  • Education – Learn and grow with a defined curriculum which can help you advance your clinical or management skills and take you to the next level.
  • Benefits – DSOs typically offer a comprehensive benefit packages that private practices cannot match.  Some of these benefits include: company sponsored education, 401K and profit sharing programs, time off for community service and more.

A career at a dental support organization is something that every dental professional should consider carefully when looking for the first, next, or final career challenge in dentistry.