16 Office Dental Group in PA and NJ adds their own Dental Discount Plan

Simply Beautiful Smiles, headquartered in Langhorne, PA, is making dental care more affordable by offering their own discount dental plan. Built to make dental care accessible for everyone, the plan is not an insurance policy, but rather a unique membership program.  The program provides discounted member rates saving members 20-65% on most dental treatments and procedures.

With 16 area offices, spanning from Doylestown to Atlantic City and Delaware to New Brunswick, NJ, Simply Beautiful Smiles’ patient base covers a wide range of socio-economic demographics. Because it serves such a vast array of patients, the company often sees economic trends play out in real-time.

“When the casinos began closing, we immediately noticed that many of our regular patients were no longer on our appointment schedules,” recalls Jennifer Cocozza, who manages the company’s Pleasantville, NJ location located just west of Atlantic City.

Other scenarios, including the health care debate playing out at the national level, prompted CEO Dr. Louis D’Angelo, DDS and his team to develop a program that provides access to dental care regardless of insurance coverage.  The program makes care much more affordable for those experiencing hardships as a result of an uncertain economy.

Dr. Louis D’Angelo, DDS

“We believe that everyone deserves good quality dental care. But, unfortunately, there are situations that can prevent individuals and families from receiving the care they deserve,” stated Dr. D’Angelo.

Dr. D’Angelo continued, “It may be a lack of insurance coverage, financial hardships, job loss or other unfortunate circumstances. As a practicing dentist for over 30 years, nothing pains me more than to see an individual’s dental health neglected, as the long-term effects can be devastating.”  It is with these concerns in mind that Simply Beautiful Smiles developed their Discount Dental Plan.

Simply Beautiful Smiles operates six branded dental practices in New Jersey and four branded locations in Pennsylvania.  The dental group practice also manages five affiliated offices.  Two of those affiliated practices are in New Jersey while the other three are in Pennsylvania.  Simply Beautiful also has one pediatric and orthodontic practice called Doctor B for Kids in Langhorne, PA.  To see all of their locations click HERE.

Source: Simply Beautiful Smiles

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