2017 Mastery SUMMIT Draws Record Attendance

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The SUMMIT, hosted by Dr. Marc Cooper and the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization, is an educational conference bringing the best minds together along with very successful DSO entrepreneurs to grow, develop, and prepare for a dynamic future. The SUMMIT’s Goal: Provide group practices with a clear idea of how to position themselves to take advantage of the future.

We invited leading experts to present at the 2017 SUMMIT and by all accounts, they did not disappoint. Their presentations were centered on the changes in the “Emerging Future” that will alter how you provide dentistry and build a multi-location business.

SUMMIT speakers addressed quality assurance, technology, care delivery, compliance, government programs, operation platforms, human resources, new patient marketing and centralization. At the end of the last day, a panel represented by three very successful DSO organizations (Dental Care Alliance, Midwest Dental, and North American Dental Group) convened and discussed obstacles that face DSOs in the future.

Attendees also found new connections and built on key relationships with colleagues through networking opportunities built into the agenda. This remains one of the biggest benefits attendees get from attending the Annual SUMMIT.

Dr. Marc Cooper announced that his business of 30 years, The Mastery Company, will be closing its doors and taking on a new expression in the form of the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO). For more information, check it out at deodentalgroup.com

It’s not TOO early to ‘save the date.’ The 2018 SUMMIT is scheduled for June 7-9th!

In the meantime, if finding, onboarding, partnering with and retaining associates is a current concern, join us November 2-4th for this year’s Associate SUMMIT Conference. Bring your associates and bring your senior staff. It promises to be a good one!

 “I went with many answers about the future of our practice and specifically on how to get to the next level and I found those answers!!! It was career changing!”