Large Insurance Membership Gain for Pacific Northwest Dental Group

Willamette Dental Group, the largest multi-specialty group dental practice in the Pacific Northwest, which also offers an integrated insurance product, announces that its 2016 membership gain was the largest in the company’s 46-year history. This achievement continues a trend of positive member growth since the company strategically rebranded and reorganized its management structure in 2011 and 2010, respectively. The organization’s leadership cites its continued focus on delivering proactive dental care, a consistently high quality patient experience, and positive word-of-mouth as leading drivers for this achievement in an otherwise flat dental insurance marketplace*.

Willamette Dental Group uniquely offers a portfolio of dental insurance plans with low co-pays and no annual maximum benefit to its members. The kind of insurance coverage they offer prioritizes care and long-term health outcomes, and they offer dental insurance plans to large and small employer groups and individuals. Randy Cline, Chief Business Development Officer of Willamette Dental Group, notes “People across the Northwest are becoming more aware of the value that Willamette Dental Group offers its insurance plan members.” He continues, “Our plans support getting patients healthy in a short amount of time, while building a partnership to support their long-term health.” Willamette Dental Group plans to support their strong membership growth by expanding or adding new office locations where growth is strongest in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  They currently operate more than 50 dental office locations and serve over 430,000 patients in the three states.

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* 2015 State of the Dental Benefits Market. (2016). National Association of Dental Plans, Inc. Retrieved from

Source: Willamette