DSO hosts dentist owners retreat in Cancun

MB2 Dental Solutions, a dental support organization composed of dentist-owned practices, just wrapped up another Owner’s Retreat. MB2’s practice owners enjoy bi-annual retreats where they get to spend time with like-minded dentists in their field.

While past retreats have featured white-water rafting adventures and trips to Cabo San Lucas, this time close to 40 dental practice owners and their spouses enjoyed four days in Cancun, Mexico. Dentists traveled from Alaska, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana to attend May’s retreat in Cancun, marking over ten trips for the dental service organization which continues to offer a progressive and autonomous perspective on how dental management and practice development should work.

“Twice a year we try to get as many of our dental office owners together as we can to celebrate their hard work and give everyone a chance to kick back and vacation together,” said Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, CEO of MB2 Dental. “We are lucky to have an incredible group of owners who not only support each other professionally, through advice on best practices, but also are lifelong friends.”

In Cancun, MB2 Dental hosted themed dinners each night for the owners along with exciting daytime activities like swimming with dolphins, a Jungle Boat Tour, snorkeling, spa visits, golf, volleyball, shopping, and of course lots of time to enjoy the beach.

“These retreats have become so important to our culture here,” said Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, CEO of MB2 Dental. “With our business setup, dentist to dentist friendships are encouraged and treasured. There’s no competition. It’s all about helping to better each other – professionally and personally. You won’t find a dynamic like this anywhere else.”

MB2 Dental Solutions is founded on the principle that doctors can help each other accomplish more together than working independently as dentists. With its close-knit leadership and more than 78 affiliated locations across six states, MB2 has enabled dentists to run successful practices, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and network of fellow dentist owners.

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Source: PR Newsire