4 Ways Digital Technology Unravels the Employment Crisis for Dental Groups

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The latest analysis from the ADA Health Policy Institute indicates that “less than half of dental hygienists that left employment early in the pandemic have returned to the workforce in 2021, and staffing challenges, exacerbated by the pandemic, persist.” Recruitment is highly competitive because one in every three dentists is currently working short-staffed and actively trying to recruit. Due to the job vacancies, groups are experiencing a great deal of pressure.

So, how do you recruit the highest-level team in a competitive market? How do you do more with less staff?

Resourceful and forward-thinking groups and DSOs have found a way to grow and thrive in this tight job market – which seems to have no end in sight. The answer lies in one word – innovation. Implementing digital technology is the solution to staffing an engaged and competent care team.

The Planmeca solution offers comprehensive advantages to group practices, including their partners, staff, and patients. Their innovative solution is a complete line of essential dental products powered to achieve optimal productivity, all integrated under one comprehensive software platform — a concept that no other manufacturer can deliver.

1. Using the Right Technology Provides Value for Everyone

Advantages for clinicians
Clinicians who are confident have increased job satisfaction, remaining, and growing within their group practice.  The Planmeca solution provides a continual and customized education tract to meet practice needs and build confidence.

With many DSO practices offering specialties, Planmeca CBCT has an adaptable solution to fit the needs of any practice. For instance, the selection of volume sizes of the Planmeca ProMax® 3D allows a practice to offer endodontics, enabling the clinician to refer to an internal specialist and not stress over loss of potential revenue.

Advantages for patients
The Planmeca solution includes features that allow treatment teams to concentrate on their primary concern — the care of the patient. Precise and predictable imagery at the lowest acceptable exposure to radiation is the foundation for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. In addition, it enriches the treatment plan and builds a relationship of trust and confidence with the patient.

Restorative dentistry with the Planmeca FIT® CAD/CAM system produces same-day smiles. Patients benefit from the ease of digital scanning and improved overall health and confidence in a single, convenient visit.

Precise and predictable imagery at the lowest acceptable exposure to radiation is the foundation for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Choose a 3D imaging system with features that benefit the team and patient. Planmeca’s reputation for superior product quality will attract and retain quality clinicians.

Planmeca CALM™ algorithm seamlessly levels the 3D scanning experience by eliminating retakes due to subtle movement providing a comfortable “one-time” imaging process. Paired with the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol for effective yet low patient dose, the altruistic benefit to the patient’s overall health is reinforced as a primary focus for the group.

2. Seamless Scalability for Emerging Dental Groups and DSOs

Using multiple systems makes scaling difficult and slow
Economies of scale are built on manageable cost advantages and can result in a decreased cost per procedure. Capturing the efficiencies of a single technology pathway is critical to scaling. Planmeca Romexis® is a fully scalable client-server software solution for customers of all sizes, allowing real-time sharing of patient data and centralized backup.

Digital integration at the practice and group level is a key component of growth
The connectivity of Planmeca equipment through all-in-one Planmeca Romexis® software makes the workflows more efficient. In fact, it is the first software platform to allow image archiving, viewing and treatment planning in a single software. Romexis Dental PACS can also store images from 3rd party devices which makes it a complete all-in-one solution for various types of customers. The modular and open platform allow for flexibility and adaptability for growth and integration into leading practice management systems. Lastly, a centralized database provides the ultimate in data accessibility and management for analytics and reporting from chairside to organization.

3. Do More with Less

More efficiency, less frustration
With a solution of integrated dental equipment, a platform of comprehensive data sets can gauge productivity. The built-in connectivity of Planmeca equipment simplifies protocols and serves a consistent level of care throughout all locations. Not only does efficiency improve patient care, but it also creates happier team members who are less stressed.

Maximizing uptime 
Same-day restorative dentistry with the Planmeca CAD/CAM increases productivity, controls compliance to safety protocols, and reduces operational costs. Instead of several appointments, Planmeca’s technology allows patients to be treated in one visit – with no temporary crowns or physical dental models required. Treatments can be carried out in as fast as one hour. By providing patients the option of immediate case acceptance and care, you will increase treatment acceptance through streamlined care.

4. Maximize Benefits through Education and Training

Partner with a vendor that can elevate the team with training and education
With a teamwork approach to support your own team, Planmeca provides a community of support to train, educate, and service our products composed of our corporate office and field teams and our dealer partners. Planmeca ensures operational standards exceed group key performance indicators.  An ongoing relationship is the cornerstone of our commitment.

Planmeca provides a consistent level of education well beyond the go-live training. Planmeca training is available in a variety of learning environments: in-office, remote training, at the Planmeca Education Center, or at leading dental education centers nationwide.

Create confident leaders
Planmeca works closely in cooperation with dental schools and institutions around the globe to advance the practice of dentistry. With advanced education, Planmeca provides the opportunity to create technology champions and turn them into confident leaders.  Showcasing these leadership roles not only improves job satisfaction and overall morale, but it also demonstrates a realistic career growth path for new recruits to follow.

As the largest privately-owned dental manufacturer, Planmeca has the stability to invest R&D for the long term. The result of the investment is patented technology that advances patient care. Planmeca has the financial agility to offer customized pricing structures to meet the size and needs of groups and the flexibility to adapt the partnership due to growth.

Planmeca is the solution for group practices
formulated on concept, community, and culture.

For more information: http://info.planmecausa.com/grouppractices/


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