Recruitment Formula – Follow the 24-Hour Method

No one really enjoys recruitment, and most people that you talk to at a Startup or “well-oiled” company will talk to you about how hard it is to find talent!  So, what can you do to find quality talent in a world where it’s so “hard to find”? Here’s the foolproof way to hire quality talent in a short amount of time amongst lots of competition:

  • Identify job opening – and write out a well written “ad” not a job description on what/whom you are looking for, and it should be fun and attractive, not necessarily showing the day-to-day functions that the professional is responsible for (it should only have that sprinkled in).
  • Publicize – Once you have created a compelling job “ad,” post it onto multiple job boards, and start spreading the word through social, and ask your employees and even clients/patients for referrals (ones you trust and have good relationships with).
  • Act Quickly – When you start receiving referrals and resumes – this is where the “24-hour method” comes into play!  As soon as you get a resume that you like, do NOT wait.  Your job is to call the candidate in less than 24 hours of receiving the resume to talk to them about the opportunity, further assess if they’re the right fit, and then schedule them for an interview IMMEDIATELY.
  • Interview:  Bring them in for an interview in 24 to 48 hours of the phone conversation, immediately schedule the in-person or zoom meeting while you have them on the phone during the first conversation.  Try to keep it in that time frame unless it does not work for the candidate.
  • Don’t Wait:  Once they are in for an interview, and you like them, do not wait on finishing up other interviews, or other potential resumes you have received.  Why wait?  When you wait, you run the risk of losing the candidate that you interviewed already and there’s NO guarantee the other candidates will work out for you.  You need to offer the job within 24 to 48 hours of the in-person or zoom meeting (and be sure to ask the candidate what they are looking for in terms of compensation, schedule, etc. and hash that through during this process).

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Written by Priyanki Amroliwala, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at 42 North DentalPriyanki Amroliwala is a seasoned Talent Acquisition Leader that has been working with 42 North Dental for six years.  She is well-known in the dental and healthcare industries, and genuinely has a true passion for what she does!  She believes that recruiting is her calling, and her passion and drive make her great at what she does.

Priyanki Amroliwala does talent acquisition/doctor recruiting for 85 + practices across the New England/North East region for 42 North Dental.  She focuses on Doctors and Specialists.  Priyanki has 15 plus years’ experience most recently in Healthcare including the private duty home care and senior care sectors. Priyanki graduated from the University of Baltimore, Merrick School of Business, in 2006, where she holds a specialization in Marketing Communications.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her precious family, going shopping, and always trying out new foods at local restaurants!  She considers one of her passions to be “at service for others”, which is why she loves recruiting where she services her clients and candidates, and she gets to entertain her family and friends at home on the weekends.

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