Grand Dental Group: How an Emphasis on People & Processes Drives Growth [Webinar Recording]

When a dental organization is looking to scale and grow, it’s important to identify gaps in operational processes and opportunities to resolve these gaps. Top dental groups have turned to strategic tools and solutions, both internally and externally, to stay on top in an increasingly competitive market.

Watch the webinar recording of Jeff Tomcsik of Grand Dental Group who shares familiar operational challenges his organization has faced in recent years, such as high turnover and call center management. He discusses successful strategies and tools he’s implemented to turn obstacles into opportunities. One solution in particular, Call Box, has been central to the team’s ongoing success, and Jeff will uncover how his team is instilling a culture of phone accountability to drive growth.

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  • Discover successful strategies to overcome staff turnover and instill consistency across teams
  • Learn the specific technology and reports Grand Dental Group leverages to improve call outcomes
  • Learn how to develop guidelines and resources to build top performers among staff
  • Identify methods to enhance accountability from the top down