A New DSO Model Appeals to Millennials’ Desire for Memorable Experience, Convienience, and Frugality

All photos courtesy Lydian Dental

What are the shifting consumer economics of the millennial population? Millennials’ purchasing habits tend to prioritize memorable experiences and they want those experiences to be Instagram-worthy. They have been raised on electronics, and literally have the world at their fingertips, therefore they prefer to do things with ease and flexibility. Aligning themselves with organizations doing good in the world, they use their purchasing power to support companies that have similar values. They also tend to be frugal, so special promotions and deals resonate with this customer base.

Startup Lydian Dental ticks all the millennials’ boxes.

With visually appealing and open offices, their unique dedication to esthetics is apparent. The office style, architecture, furniture, and even the t-shirts worn by employees, is hip and welcoming.  In fact, the office design and experience are Instagramworthy.

RV-style mobile dental clinics welcome patients with features like wood paneling and lawn chairs

The dental group offers a concierge healthcare model in which users pay a fixed monthly subscription fee that covers a range of services if needed. Subscribers can visit any of Lydian’s three permanent brick-and-mortar offices in Arizona and Texas. Plans are in place to build another one.

In an effort to break the mold of the dental industry and reach more patients in all communities, including in-need communities, they partnered with design firm Rapt Studio to build RV-style mobile dental clinics with style. In five Texas locations, and inspired by the tiny house movement, they designed this option for low-cost treatment in a laid back, campsite-inspired setting.

Onsite health is exploding in popularity as recent studies show that improving oral health reduces medical claims costs for employers.  Not to be left out, Lydian is now partnering with companies to bring the dentist’s office straight to employees. They are marketing the mobile unit as an added perk for a company employees because it boosts health, while adding to the company’s bottom line because of increased productivity.

The dental group gets its name from the ancient Lydian stone. It was a stone used to test the veracity of precious metals, such as gold, and the standard by which other stones were judged. Founded in 2014 by dentists Josh Turnbull and Scott Connell, along with Harvard Business School graduate Clayton Nylander, Lydian Dental is striving to set the standard within dentistry one millennial at a time.





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