A Unique Approach to COVID-19 – Dental & Primary Care Under One Roof

Westwind Integrated Health (WIH), a multi-disciplinary dental-medical group practice, is currently raising awareness of their ability to group appointments for primary care visits and dental visits amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They now welcome those interested in receiving a joint visit without the necessity of a referral. Individuals with anxiety about face-to-face interaction and families with busy schedules can combine their routine dental and medical appointments into one convenient trip. This level of comprehensiveness and convenience provides a significant advantage now more than ever, helping patients receive the necessary dental-medical care they need while minimizing the number of visits required to receive it.

With nine locations in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas, WIH is staffed by a multi-specialty team of 19 dental and medical professionals offering specialized general dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery. Beyond routine dental visits and primary care, the group’s patients can receive sleep apnea treatment, vaccinations, minor injury treatment, nutritional counseling, vision and hearing screenings, tobacco cessation, facial aesthetics treatments, and orofacial pain relief. The family of practices focuses on building patient relationships improving the long-term health and wellbeing of their patients.

As the only private group practice in Arizona and one of only a few groups in the country to combine dental and medical care, this team is innovating health care by offering truly comprehensive care with a whole-body approach. Co-founded by Maryam Beyramian, DDS, MBA and Nabil Fehmi, DDS, they are locally-owned by doctors to provide comprehensive care to patients within communities they work and live in. Together, the team at WIH focuses on providing integrative dental and medical services to improve the whole-body health of their patients.

Dr. Beyramian discusses how Westwind Dental practices whole body integrated care:

Source: PRWeb

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