Abano Healthcare Network Grows its Dental Practices to over 180 locations


Abano Healthcare Network, a publically traded company, has grown its New Zealand dental practice portfolio to 100 locations.  In New Zealand, Abano’s dental brand is Lumino the Dentists .  In addition to New Zealand, Abano also operates 86 dental practice locations in Australia under the Maven Dental Group name.  According to a recent press release, Abano is focusing on their dental business as their main area of growth.  The CEO of Abano, Richard Keys mentions that Abano is acquiring one dental office every two to three weeks and has already added 18 practices in the current financial year to date.  Abano’s publically held status gives us more insight into the business than U.S. based DSOs that for the most part are held by private equity.

Dentistry is just part of Abano’s business as Abano also manage audiology stores in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.   Abano recently received an unsolicited indicative proposal for Bay Audio which may move Abano’s strategic business focus even deeper into the dental space.  Abano also manages a radiology business under the brand Insight + Ascot Radiology.

Group Dentistry Now will follow Abano’s growth in the trans-Tasman dental market and analyze its impact on the global dental market.

Source : Abano press release