DSO Continues Strategic Growth Adding Two Locations in Alabama

Marquee Dental Partners of Nashville, TN has added Signature Smile to its portfolio of locations in the South.  Signature Smile, a multi-specialty dental practice, has two locations in Alabama covering the Shoals and Huntsville areas.  The two dentists practicing at Signature Smile, Dr. L. Don Wilson and Dr. Kristen Bentley will continue to remain actively involved in the newly affiliated practice.  Signature Smile was one of the first dental practices in the country to incorporate a new CO2 laser into it’s armamentarium to assist in handling filling without anesthesia.

Marquee Dental Partners now has 11 practice locations under management with the addition of Signature Smile’s two locations.  The Signature Smile affiliation expands Marquee’s footprint in the South and is Marquee’s first affiliation in the state of Alabama.  Expect Marquee to add more complimentary locations in Alabama as they continue their strategic growth in the other states that they currently operate.  Marquee initially started their affiliations with Embassy Dental in the Nashville area followed by affiliations in Kentucky and again in the Nashville area.

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Source : Marquee Dental Partners News