Aligning Multi-Practice Marketing from the C-Suite to the Front Desk – Webinar Recording

Bill Neumann of Group Dentistry Now moderated this webinar with panelists Cassie Tallon, Marketing Administrator, Partnerships For Dentists (P4D), and Samantha Aponte, Enterprise Account Executive, RevenueWell.

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Aligning the right systems, processes, and people to drive patient retention and practice growth.

Effective marketing takes more than great branding and search results. It requires the right systems, processes, and people to ensure your messaging and strategy are consistently deployed across your organization. In this webinar we’ll explore the technology and best practices to build an effective patient marketing and communication infrastructure that drives growth and retention for multi-location practices and DSOs. Whether you’re in Marketing or Operations, this session will give you ideas and insights to drive alignment, engagement and follow through across your organization.

Key Takeaways
In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to establish and enable best practices around patient marketing and communications
  • How to improve Office Administrator buy-in
  • How to select and implement marketing and communication technology that works for marketing, operations and office administration

You’ll also gain valuable tips to empower your Office Administrators to:

  • Identify and target the opportunity in your database
  • Create new-patient experiences that build loyalty from day one
  • Streamline patient communication, increase confirmed appoints and cut no-shows
  • Make every patient interaction an opportunity for success

This is a free DSO Study Club webinar that was recorded April 15th 2pm ET / 11am PT 2021.