Increase Your Profitability and Drive Your DSO’s Expansion with Team Placement’s Talent Acquisition Solutions

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The Seamless Staffing Solution

You have high ambitions for your group or DSO. Whether you want to increase your practice acquisition rate or boost productivity in your existing offices, finding the staff to do so successfully is a challenge. Posts on job boards often don’t reach the optimal audience, and they probably aren’t attracting the attention you had hoped. Then there are issues of retention, assessing qualifications, and an exhaustive vetting process that expends valuable time and resources. What if there was an easier way?

DSOs across the nation are turning to Team Placement to solve their staffing issues and set their group up for long term success. Specializing in providing temporary and permanent dental staff who are a pleasure to work with, Team Placement will partner with your group to understand your specific goals and create a staffing solution that delivers optimal results.

No matter where your staffing needs are, Team Placement’s full-time recruiting team can provide the dental professionals your group needs to thrive. Plus, you can breathe easy knowing each staff member is screened, reference checked, and interviewed to ensure your practices receive only the best, most qualified people for every assignment.

Plans Catered to You and Your Bottom Line

Need a new hygienist? What about occasional coverage at 5 of your practices? Team Placement offers customizable packages designed by you. They serve all 50 states, and there is no need too big or too small for their staffing expertise. Building a great staff is a significant investment – let Team Placement bring you the talent that will deliver an incredible ROI to your practices.

“Team Placement has been supporting our practices in multiple states for over 2 years. The integrity of their dental staff and the personalized service we receive is unmatched, and we know we can rely on Team Placement to support all of our growth in the future.” – Team Placement Client

Team Placement entered the above new market in 2019 and was able to place 250 RDHs per month after being in the market for only 90 days.

More Than Just a Staffing Agency

Team Placement has been connecting talented dental professionals to caring practices for over 38 years. As a woman-owned, family business founded by RDH Betty Peebles, Team Placement knows the dental industry, inside and out.  Betty also established the Jon C. Burr Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to changing public health policy so oral healthcare is available and affordable for all Americans. So, when you work with Team Placement, your practice is benefitting the dental community far beyond your doors.

Founder, Betty Peebles (front left), and Team Placement staff represent the Jon C. Burr Foundation at the U.S. Capitol for an oral health advocacy event.

Founder, Betty Peebles (front left), and Team Placement staff represent the Jon C. Burr Foundation at the U.S. Capitol for an oral health advocacy event.

Forward-Thinking Groups – Look No further

Say goodbye to spending unnecessary time and resources searching for the right candidates to help your DSO expand. Team Placement can keep up with your group’s aspirations and provide the support you need to serve your patients best, wherever they may be. Be proactive and ensure your group achieves its full potential with the upper hand advantage delivered by Team Placement Staffing Services.

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