Ambitious U.K. Dental Group Plans to Launch 400 Dental Clinic Franchises Within Three Years

The Dalghous twins (Dr. Hassan & Dr. Hussein Dalghous) and their team at YDS Group LTD (named for the original dental practice, Yorkshire Dental Suite) are putting an ambitious plan in place to establish 400 dental clinic franchises across the U.K. over the next three years.

The duo’s intention with their ambitious project is to create a network of dental clinics to revitalize and re-shape the U.K. dental industry. A current healthcare problem in the U.K. is something called medical or dental tourism, where patients seek treatment abroad. The duo also recognizes the impact of poor oral hygiene is devastating to both the individual and the U.K economy.

Established in February 2021, YDS Group LTD’s mission is to provide the best possible dentistry available throughout the U.K that is affordable, accessible, & delivered by the right people.

With good dental clinics spread around the U.K., more people will have access to quality dental care close to their homes. Operators will be working with a well-known and trusted brand that guarantees growth, while also serving the needs of citizens by helping them have the quality smiles that will brighten their lives.

With additional clinics, the waiting time will be reduced, which will discourage medical tourism. Fast dentist response will reduce the number of workdays and school days lost. The clinics will also offer home service, which will benefit those with less mobility.

YDS Group LTD was founded by Dr. Hassan & Dr. Hussein Dalghous. The twins share a passion and vision for dentistry. They are following in the footsteps of their father, Dr. Abdul Dalghous, who is an oral surgeon and has spent the last 13 years working in the Mid-Yorkshire hospital’s maxillofacial department. He is also a practicing clinician and partner at Yorkshire Dental Suite in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

For decades, the family-run Yorkshire Dental Suite has provided dentistry services to patients, including dental implants, sedation, teeth whitening, general dentistry, teeth straightening, smile makeover, etc. Offering a spa-like experience to their patients, they value the importance of scent. They acknowledge that smells in a dental office can trigger bad memories, so as a differentiator, they ensure a lovely scent is always lingering in the air.

Establishing 400 dental clinics across the U.K. will help YDS Group LTD replicate its Yorkshire Dental Suite dental practice to benefit more U.K. citizens. Apart from creating jobs for dentists and dental clinic staff, they will also be redefining dental clinic services and patient experience by introducing fresh ideas and customer engagement strategies.

The franchise opportunity is open to dentists already practicing but wants more success, dentists currently working for someone but want to start their outfit, and investors who want to make a huge profit from a dental practice.

The founders believe that:

  • Starting a dental franchise is a great way to begin a career or improve on an existing one.
  • Dentists and investors will have access to a well-organized and structured business strategy and operational template that will help them establish their practice and grow fast.
  • Franchise operators will learn how to quickly attract patients, onboard them, and keep them for life.
  • Franchise operators will be earning more income, serving the people better, and contributing to the growth of the dental and medical industry.

Source: MarketersMEDIA, YDS Group LTD

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