Announcing a New Resource for Dentists to Find the Right DSO to Sell to or start a Career with

Group Dentistry Now is proud to announce the launch of  JoinDSO is an online resource for dentists looking for the right dental support organization to affiliate with or sell their practice to.  JoinDSO also offers career seeking dentists and dental staff a resource to find the best DSO or dental group practice to work with.

How it Works

Entering through the website, users will experience a very simple navigation screen.  If a user is looking to sell their practice to a DSO, they can choose the SELL navigation button.  If a user wants to learn more about dental service organizations and what they are, they can click on the EDUCATION button.  If the user is searching for a dental service organization to enjoy a career with, they simply click on the CAREERS tab.

Use JoinDSO and search by state to find the right DSO to partner with.

Find a Dental Career Option with JoinDSO








When a user chooses the SELL or CAREERS path, they then land on a screen that gives them the option to choose a state(s).  Once the user chooses a state JoinDSO returns a list of DSOs looking for practices to acquire or career seekers in a specific state.  The user can then click on any of the group practices in the list to find out more.  DSOs with premium listings will have detailed information on the opportunities available to both affiliate and career seekers.  To get more details on the premium listing and editorial opportunities for your DSO, please click HERE to download the media guide.  Call or email us to find out about our early adopter premium pricing discount!

Users also have the ability to sign up for the free JoinDSO / Group Dentistry Now enewsletter which will keep them up-to-date on new group practices and dental support organizations as they are added to the JoinDSO directory.  Furthermore, the newsletter will educate and engage users with information and opportunities from various dental support organizations.

Dentists seeking to sell / affiliate with a DSO can contact the dental support organization directly through the DSO listing on JoinDSO or the dentist owner can schedule a free consultation with the staff at JoinDSO to assist them in their decision.

Similarly, a dentist, management executive or clinical career seeker can contact the dental service organization or group practice directly via JoinDSO or contact JoinDSO for assistance in determining the best options.


  • How do I get my group practice or DSO listed?  You can  email us at and give us the name of your group , whether you are looking to acquire practices, looking for career seekers or both.  You also need to provide us with the states that you operate in, phone number, corporate mailing address and general email address.  We will provide you with a FREE listing.
  • How do I get my group practice or dental support organization a PREMIUM listing?  You can sign your DSO or group practice up for a premium listing with logo, priority listing, a detailed description on the benefits of selling to and / or starting a career with your DSO.  With a premium listing Group Dentistry Now and JoinDSO will provide your DSO’s content through out the year to drive career seekers and dentists looking to sell to your DSO listing.
  • What’s the goal of JoinDSO and Group Dentistry Now?  Our goal is to help individuals understand the dental support organization model.  Group Dentistry Now was built to provide timely , specific group dentistry news and content to emerging dental groups, dental industry partners and dental support organizations. was created to provide a resource for dentists and career seekers looking to better understand what DSOs are and to search for the best group practice/DSO partner.

Throughout the year, these premium DSOs will begin to tell their story to dental career seekers and dentists seeking to sell their practices. We’d like to say a big thank you to our premium listing DSOs:








Find out how you can tell your DSO story – email us at,
or call Kim at 917.341.8490

Education portion of JoinDSO