Where Do Dental Groups Learn Strategies and Solutions to Develop and Grow Their Clinical Teams?

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They said you are a leader. Now what? You have been full time chair side for years, and always been a strong performer and recognized as a “leader,” but now you have an official title. What does this mean? What is expected in this new role? How will you get your team to follow your lead? How will you make an impact in the organization?  How is your performance measured?

There is no doubt that dental group practices are growing, and it is important to create a doctor and dental hygiene leadership structure to support and guide the development and growth of the clinical teams. Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, Enhanced Hygiene is going to share their over 30 years of combined professional development strategies specifically designed for the dental group setting.

As you develop your clinical leadership team, you want to concentrate on ‘Six Pillars of Focus’:

1. Profitability
2. Professional Development
3. Retention
4. Mentoring/Orientation
5. Continuous Growth.
6. Quality

Each one of these pillars need to support a strong ROI for your group, all while driving revenue through strong patient care and by creating a team that is engaged and in line with the vision, mission and goals of your dental group.

If you are looking for a professional development track that is solely focused on these important individuals in your organization, then this is the program for you!

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