Aspen Dental Opens Its Continuing Education (CE) Library to All

Dental professionals enjoy greater virtual learning options.

The COVID-19 pandemic has cut many dental practices’ schedules, creating an opportunity to pursue professional development and earn credits toward CE unit requirements.

During this unprecedented time, Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI), the dental support organization (DSO) behind the Aspen Dental practice network, is offering all U.S. dental professionals access to its ‘for credit’ continuing education (CE) library of more than 1,200 live and on-demand webinars, free of charge, encouraging learning that allows professionals to deliver quality care. The credited ADA CERP-approved CE is available virtually, meeting dental professionals where and when it’s convenient.

Learning is something that can never be taken away. It’s an essential element of being able to offer top quality, state-of-the-art patient care and in this unprecedented time, we want to encourage all dental professionals to build their leadership, practice management, and clinical skills. Every day, Aspen Dental clinicians have access to our library of credited ADA CERP-approved CE and by opening access broadly to all dental professionals across the U.S., patients and doctors benefit.” – Dr. Arwinder Judge, ADMI, Chief Clinical Officer

The online learning portal features CE credits in clinical, business and leadership skills across a range of tracks, including Practice Management, COVID-19 and Infection Control, Implant Placement, Direct Restoratives, and advances in crowns, bridges and veneers, giving dental providers access to education content that can improve patient care outcomes.

Since April 1:

  • More than 2,000 users outside of the Aspen Dental network from more than 51 states and territories have used the site for CE
  • Users have earned more than 2,700 credits on the Aspen Dental CE platform

 Within the Aspen Dental network, over 5,000 care team members have accessed the platform, earning over 1,700 credits.

Top 5 courses:

  • The Restorative Decision Tree – What Products When and Why
  • Think 3D: How to Read a CBCT Scan
  • Simplifying Adhesion and the Placement of Direct Composite Restorations
  • From Vital Pulp Therapy to Anatomically Directed Root Treatment – Everything is Changing
  • Cementation 2020: New Options for a Changing Dental World

Top 5 categories:

  • Direct Restoratives
  • Adhesives/Cements
  • COVID-19
  • Digital Imaging
  • Endodontics

I have been doing the courses in my spare time. My two-year CE cycle began on March 1, and I have already accumulated more than half of the two-year requirements in a month and one-half.  This might be the only good the Covid-19 pandemic has provided. -Dr. Roger Spott; Endodontist, SE Florida

Through the first quarter of 2021, dental professionals can access the free online CE content at Participants create an account and then register for online courses for CE credits.

For the network of independent Aspen Dental practitioners, ADMI has also pivoted to offer CE and extensive coursework for two common and effective treatment options: clear aligners and dental implants:

  • The online implant coursework follows ADMI’s February commitment to offer implant learning to Aspen Dental professionals in the U.S. The “Implant Continuum,” a three-part web-based, self-paced program offers support with treatment planning and dental implant restorations:
    • Parts one and two include an average of 40-50 cumulative hours for a total of 24.5 CE credits.
    • The third track includes a live series of learning webinars with Dr. Sundeep Rawal, Senior Vice President, Implant Support Services at ADMI. Participants must complete parts one and two to move onto these advanced live courses.
  • ADMI offers the Aspen Invisalign Academy with a full roster courses that include “Case Selection Guides,” “Attachment Identification,” “Fixing Posterior Open Bites,” “Orthodontic Virtual Care,” and more. These courses are supported by Dr. David Galler, Senior Vice President, Orthodontic Support at ADMI, a leading lecturer on clear aligner therapy.

I’m grateful for the availability of this CE to keep us busy in a difficult time like this. I’m sure it will help many dentists come out of this period energized to go back to practicing with the extra knowledge acquired. The platform was convenient and easy to use and the presenters were very on point and helpful.  -Dr. Yonathan Nigatu; Managing Clinical Doctor, OH


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