Benchmark Study Shows the True Impact of AI on Dentistry

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Dental clinicians, dentists and hygienists are tasked with handling increased complexities in modern dentistry. Often, they play the role of diagnostician, surgeon, primary care physician and business owner – leaving little time for the doctor-patient relationship. This becomes increasingly apparent in group practices and Dental Support Organizations (DSOs), which manage a multitude of dental offices and up to thousands of clinicians.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has brought many promises to dentistry. Dental AI has the promise to support time-strapped dentists and hygienists in their diagnoses and treatment planning, helping them to identify diseases such as decay and periodontal disease earlier while offering a second opinion to the patient chairside. DSOs are especially interested in the technology as it promises to introduce clinical consistency across their locations and dentists. At the same time, AI can often be overhyped, leaving us to ask: is dental AI hype or reality? Is this the next big technological revolution in dentistry, or just a short-term hype?

In order to comprehensively answer this question, VideaHealth analyzed the clinical and financial value of VideaAI across 100 locations picked from over 40 DSOs across the United States. This is set to be the first large benchmark study of AI in dentistry.

Key Findings
Across 470,831 patients and 100 locations, the average dental practice saw a 13% rise in annual net production for restorative and periodontal treatments, representing an annual growth of $78,268 per practice. Controlling for seasonality, fee schedules, and shifting revenues across DSOs, the data has a high level of significance indicating that growth is attributed to the impact of AI and not due to other “cofounders”.

VideaAI’s integration into dental operations brought forth a ripple effect of positive change, touching both the qualitative and quantitative facets of clinical operations. The most pronounced effects were the growth in new patient numbers and enhanced diagnostics for existing and new patients. The ripple extended to the domain of net production per patient. This growth wasn’t merely localized to the restorative and periodontal sectors – it was all across the board, ensuring other treatment categories’ growth without being overshadowed.

Impact on Restorative Treatment
The restorative procedures category experienced changes post-VideaAI’s integration. Three months post-go-live, there was a remarkable $60,998 growth in annual net restorative production. This denotes a 12% uptick in restorative output.

Impact on Periodontal Treatments
Periodontal procedures displayed marked advancements following VideaAI’s implementation. Three months post-go-live, an annual net increase of $17,270 in periodontal production was registered, equating to a 19% increase in production.

Dental practices exist at the center of healthcare and business, balancing patient outcomes with economic viability. With the integration of VideaAI, practices witnessed holistic growth, impacting not just practice production but also the very essence of delivering care.

Growth in new patient inflow was a clear testament to the platform’s efficacy. But equally important was the enhanced diagnostic precision for both new and existing patients. While this precision grew the financial bottom line, its more profound impact was in the quality of care, ensuring patients received timely and appropriate care.

Broadening our view, we observed growth across all treatment categories. This uplift across the board paints a story of a balanced developmental approach. However, the spotlight belongs to the restorative and periodontal categories, where growth was exceptionally pronounced.

Beyond these gains, clinical consistency, often a challenge in dynamic practice environments, was notably strengthened. Patients received standardized care and enriched experiences with VideaAI aiding in seamless case presentations and facilitating better patient-practitioner interactions.

In the evolving landscape where technology continually redefines healthcare, dentistry stands poised for a significant transformation, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) leading the way. VideaAI by VideaHealth is at the forefront of this change, delivering outcomes at dental practices across the U.S.

As practices stride into the future, it’s clear that solutions like VideaAI will be at the forefront of this evolution.

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