Technically Sound. Why Education and Technical Support Matters to Dental Groups

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Education & Technical Support
Product innovation is a vital component of improving patient satisfaction, but if clinicians aren’t properly educated and trained on how to use those products, quality clinical outcomes are hardly guaranteed. That’s why BISCO has made it a point of emphasis to have one of the industry’s leading teams of clinicians and scientists to provide technical support for DSO dentists. BISCO specializes in providing solutions to improve patient retention and office efficiency by greatly reducing restorative redoes and patient post-op sensitivity.

While I am certainly not a chemistry expert, I do understand that product chemistry is incredibly complex, and how one product functions with another is a crucial part of achieving a success­ful result,” said Illinois clinician Dr. Alan J. Acierno, who has been using BISCO products for nearly two decades. “When you really break down the restorative process and think of all of the steps and materials needed, it’s remarkable how important it is that all these products work in unison.

BISCO has invested heavily in its technically trained team members to provide support beyond the purchase, so clinicians can get the most out of the products they choose to use for their practice. “We believe that in order to provide the best support possible, our sales professionals must be trained adequately on not only our products, but also on our competitors,” said Rolando Nunez, DDS, MSc., Manager of Clinical Marketing. “We provide support to those who call us, regardless of the product they use. This builds a solid relationship with our customers, who see us as a valuable resource for problem-solving.” Unlike many dental materials manufacturers, BISCO can provide immediate answers to clinicians with procedural questions.

One resource many practitioners have found particularly helpful is BISCO’s Ask the Expert team, where they can submit their questions. Once the question is posted, it will be answered by someone capable of providing the proper response. Anyone from the technical support area all the way to the Research and Development Department is involved in answering questions.

Indeed, BISCO’s team believes in providing all the pertinent information to customers regarding the proper use and application of BISCO’s products, as well as the science generated that supports the company’s claims. “This differentiates us from other companies,” said Nunez. Another way BISCO differentiates themselves is by providing their DSO partners with FREE CE on a wide variety of restorative topics, in addition to on demand training, videos, podcasts, newsletters, and quick start technique guides. These tools are instrumental in helping clinicians and their team members onboard new materials in a busy DSO environment. For the clinician with a passion for science, BISCO regularly hosts customers at their state-of-the-art research facility with on-site manufacturing, to learn more about the chemistry behind current dental materials and to perform materials testing of their own. Great prices and transparency have always been desirable attributes in a vendor, but increasingly DSOs are searching for true vendor partners who are capable and committed to supporting their clinical teams technically.

The people at BISCO really care about their products and are extremely proud of them,” said Dr. Acierno, adding that the staff members are willing to get as technical or high level as needed to ensure customers get their questions answered. “Unlike other manufacturers, BISCO is not merely selling you a product—the reps are telling you exactly what the product does, and through that information, the product sells itself.

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