Bring Connected Dentistry into your Dental Service Organization

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Connected products are virtually everywhere you look: from fitness trackers to digital doorbells to smart refrigerators. And while you may not use the official, technical term “Internet of Things” (IoT) to describe them, the benefits of choosing a smart product are easy to understand.

Improved efficiency. Effortless access to valuable data. A better user experience.

While IoT has long been utilized in other industries, the Internet of Dental Things (IoDT) is still relatively new. And where it does exist, much of the current technology is focused on improving the patient’s experience, rather than the bottom line of the business. (Think of scheduling apps that show appointment availability in real time, or smart toothbrushes that send the patient’s brushing data to their doctor or hygienist.)

Even so, IoDT has incredible potential to advance, improve and transform your DSO—especially with the advent of connected dental operatory equipment.

Future-proof your DSO

For the first time, A-dec® is introducing IoDT into the operatory, with two new delivery systems that take connected dentistry a step forward: the A-dec 500 Pro and A-dec 300 Pro.

Imagine being able to see all your connected A-dec equipment—across all clinics–in one centralized place. The ability to access relevant data, and gain new visibility into equipment performance, would be invaluable for optimizing onsite efficiency. Now it’s possible.

The key to it all is A-dec+, a scalable, updatable software platform that is the heart of A-dec’s breakthrough technological ecosystem. A-dec+ connectivity helps your teams work more efficiently and predictably, while future-proofing the A-dec equipment within your clinics.

A-dec+ technology is the digital foundation that can:

  • Manage equipment assets across your DSO.
  • Provide valuable insight into the usage and long-term performance of connected A-dec equipment via one centralized dashboard.
  • Simplify ongoing equipment maintenance and troubleshooting with easily accessible equipment diagnostic data.
  • Access both organization-wide and clinic-specific data.
  • Let you integrate the latest clinical products now, and easily add new services and features down the road—without having to replace or update the A-dec delivery control pad.
  • Enable seamless transitions during treatment with integrated access to handpieces, clinical devices, chair and light functions all on one user interface.

As technology becomes more advanced, A-dec+ software updates will enable your connected
A-dec products to evolve. Once you register on the A-dec+ app, new product features and enhancements will be available via software updates, so you can keep your connected A-dec equipment up to date with just a click.

The A-dec 500 Pro delivery comes fully enabled with A-dec+ software; adding the A-dec+ Gateway makes the software accessible on the 300 Pro delivery. Both deliveries also feature new user interfaces to support A-dec+ software: the Dynamic Screen 7 (DS7) touchscreen on the A-dec 500 Pro, and the Control Pad 5i (CP5i) on the A-dec 300 Pro.

Introducing new DSO fleet packages

A-dec understands what DSOs need to succeed and thrive: scalable solutions that empower your teams to work smarter, more productively, and more efficiently. With dental equipment packages designed and priced specifically for DSOs, A-dec can help fuel your organization’s profitability and future growth.

Our range of DSO fleet options distill the most essential A-dec equipment features into preconfigured packages that are easy to order—and each one can upgraded to full connectivity by adding the A-dec Gateway, enabling you to take advantage of all the benefits and efficiencies of the A-dec+ software platform.

Connect to what’s next

The future of dentistry is connected. Be ready for what’s next. With ongoing enhancements to come and updatable A-dec+ software in place, A-dec’s newest delivery systems bring your Dental Service Organization an evolving platform that can connect your equipment, your teams and your clinics like never before.

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