Centralize Your System and Processes Like a National DSO

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Adding more locations to your group practice can lead to complexity, confusion, and conflict — especially when each location has a different way of running the business.

Running a multisite operation with the same kinds of efficiencies large groups use starts with software with a central database. Software designed for groups is your technology and management foundation and ensures you are built for growth. Use your software — along with these tips — to work like a national DSO.

Tip 1: Centralize your data on one practice management system. Reporting is critical for DSOs, and you can’t get accurate reports when every office is using different software. If you have two or three locations, it’s time to look into software like cloud-based Dentrix Ascend from Henry Schein One that allows you to centralize data and access it from any location.

Tip 2: Standardize workflows. Are your standards documented? Are they consistently applied across locations? Start by defining and documenting them. Then, align them with the workflows in your software so every location is using best practices for greatest efficiencies and cost savings.

Tip 3: Don’t skimp on training. Most people want to do their job well; give every role the training they need to succeed, including learning how to use software properly. Look for software that includes training videos that you can implement as part of your standard onboarding process, replicated for every employee.

Tip 4: Define job roles and train by job role/function. Define what roles are needed in your organization and create job descriptions. Then train employees to become experts on what they do. In a multisite organization, you have the ability to let employees specialize in their position, which creates further efficiencies. In your software, define administrative rights to match job functions so every role has just the right access to the system.

Tip 5: Outsource centralized functions so offices can focus on patient care. Successful DSOs know they don’t have to do it all. Give your team back time to focus on patients by outsourcing things like IT support to an organization such as TechCentral, or use a vendor like Officite to provide marketing and communication tools.

Dentrix Ascend helps you avoid the complexity, confusion and conflict that comes with growing your dental practice. To learn more about how you can compete on the level of national organizations, watch this free, on-demand webinar by experts Jill Nesbitt and Karina Santos. These long-time consultants for national DSOs teach how to implement these ideas, how you can use the right technology platform to increase growth velocity and many more ways you can work like a national DSO.



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