Challenges finding dentists to work in underserved remote areas

Aspen Dental’s business model focuses their de novo locations on underserved areas in urban, rural, and somewhat remote areas of the US.  In areas like these, getting patients is not the problem, but finding staff is.

Take the case of Aspen Dental’s new location in Marquette, MI.  Actually, the location is not so new, as it was originally slated to open in April of 2014, but it took until November of 2015 to find a dentist to work in this location.  Marquette is the largest city in Michigan’s upper peninsula, and was recently ranked as one of the top ten places to retire by CBS Money Watch.  Even with all of those things going for it, the remoteness of the city, and the fact that annual snowfall is around 140 inches a year, made it difficult for Aspen to find a dentist for this location.


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Video Source : ABC10UP