DSOs Fill the Gap: Quality and Accessible Dental Care for All

Access to quality, affordable dental care in poor urban and rural communities has been a problem for decades.  Many dental support organizations have entered these underserved markets. Through business efficiencies of scale, DSOs have been able to operate effectively in these areas.

A recently released white paper from the National Minority Quality Forum entitled Reaccessing the Dental Care Paradigm presents a strong case for the expansion of DSOs in underserved communities.  The paper examines many issues that are causing this access crisis and evaluates a multitude of solutions.  Solutions include, mid-level service providers, prevention (school-based sealant programs), better Medicaid reimbursement and DSOs.  One Texas study sited in this whitepaper showed that DSOs, on average charged $225 less per treatment than non DSO supported offices.

Read the entire white paper HERE
Source: NMFG.org