A New Home for Midwest Dental

In a few weeks, Midwest Dental will move to 115 Seventh St., in Rockford, Illinois, giving a second lease on life to a classic bank building with a glaring past. The building was purchased last year by Dr. Mohamed Harunani, who is both the developer and a dental director at Midwest Dental.  Midwest Dental has more than 100 dental offices in six states, including 18 in Illinois.

Midwest Dental will move from 1334 E. State St. into the old bank building.  In 2014, the bank was a part of a wire and securities fraud case involving the CEO, Anthony D’Agostino.  The scandal involved investors loosing millions of dollars, and D’Agostino being sent to prison 7 1/2 years.  He was court ordered to pay $49 million in restitution.  When the company, Commercial Mortgage & Finance, could no longer make payments on promissory notes sold to 1,400 investors who were owed $63 million, the company was liquidated, the building sold for $374,000.

Midwest Dental believes this new office will reinvigorate the town of Rockford, Il.

For the full article, visit rrstar.com. Source: Brian Leaf, staff writer rrstar.com