Crystal HD, The Brightest View in Dentistry

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Dentistry requires skill and precision not only with your hands but also, more importantly, your vision. Dental clinicians are rendering treatment behind layers of PPE and at times can find themselves struggling to maintain a clear working field. The brightness and clarity in Zirc’s Crystal HD® Mirrors provide you with a simple solution. Mouth mirrors are an important asset to all dental clinicians. This every day tool is heavily relied upon for creating an effective, illuminated visual workspace. The brighter the workspace, the better the visibility. With Zirc’s Crystal HD lens, you are visually working in a 40% brighter environment and the clarity is beyond compare. A more brilliant view offers ergonomics to one’s vision, creating comfort for the practitioner’s eyes. Not only will your vision improve but your work will be more precise with detail.

The Crystal HD lens is a front-surface mirror comprised of 75 alternating layers of three separate oxides. These resin mirrors are made from a high-grade, durable, autoclavable resin and manufactured with antimicrobial protection. Having the lens flush with the mirror frame provides a “no gap” advantage. This feature eliminates corrosive debris and rust from building up around the edges and destroying the mirror face. The 99% accurate color reflectivity allows clinicians to provide patient care more accurately with less fatigue and stress.

There is a Crystal HD mirror for all your needs – from colorful resin heads to lightweight full-length mirrors, Zirc offers many different colors and styles to choose from! Your patients will also thank you when by using the resin mirrors, you no longer run the risk of producing a galvanic shock. Both you and your patients will appreciate the fun colors while presenting a more friendly appearance than their metal counterparts. For the dental practitioner, working with quality instruments results in producing quality work. At Zirc, your vision is our priority.

Nicole Ortega, an RDHAP in our industry, shares her first-hand experience when introduced to Zirc’s Crystal HD Mirrors.


To be the best dental hygienist, I use the best products. Through innovation, Zirc Dental Products created the Crystal HD Mirror technology, which elevated the mouth mirror and dentistry. The HD technology has advanced my practice, posture, and patient care. This mirror makes for an improved field of vision and is significantly lighter and brighter than any other mouth mirror on the market. It provides clinicians with a superior view and true reflection. The power of this mirror is real! The lens is so bright, it almost gives the illusion that is has magnification properties built into it. The Crystal HD mouth mirror is a part of the standard of care in my practice. I have incorporated the double-sided mouth mirrors into all my cassettes. I even took it one step further and “leveled up” by utilizing Zirc’s Color Method system for efficiency, and matched all my mouth mirrors to my cassettes, and procedure trays. I call this working smarter, not harder!

Ergonomics are also a critical component to maintain longevity in dentistry. The Crystal HD mirrors have allowed me to practice with better posture, thus saving my back and neck. The HD technology has empowered me to take better care of my body and overall health. Not only is taking care of ourselves a priority but caring for our patients is paramount.

By using the Crystal HD mouth mirror I am saving chair time, enhancing patient education, and decreasing my liability. Capturing before and after images, with a mirror that provides 40% brighter view allows me and my patient to see the visual evidence of treatment that is needed. I live by the rule, document everything, and more is better! My love for Zirc’s mouth mirrors started in dental hygiene school and has never changed. The power of a mouth mirror is unparalleled by any other instrument in our armamentarium. In dentistry, vision is life. Our bodies, patients, and livelihood depend on it. Do yourself a favor and try the Zirc Crystal HD mirrors to see the difference with your own eyes!

Written by: Brittany Gray, CDA, Zirc Product & Efficiency Consultant and Nicole Ortega, RDH, RDHAP  


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