4 Ways glidewell.io™ is the Perfect CAD/CAM System for DSOs

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As doctors seek opportunities to enhance their practices without breaking the bank, CAD/CAM has emerged as one of the fastest-growing areas in the field. Here we examine four reasons why the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution is a great way for DSOs to take advantage of everything this cutting-edge technology has to offer and bring same-day dentistry to their patients.


The glidewell.io In-Office Solution offers doctors with access to same-day BruxZir® crowns and a direct link to the restorative experts at Glidewell at a price point that is well below that of current systems available on the market. With an in-office mill priced at $54,995 and the complete glidewell.io package including the fastscan.io™ featuring Medit® i900® intraoral scanner priced at just $75,495, this system represents the most accessible means of empowering the dental practice with digital capabilities.

Additionally, monthly financing options are available to give interested doctors the opportunity to realize the advantages of digital dentistry with glidewell.io. In addition to an attractive price point, included with the purchase of any glidewell.io package is in-office training and setup performed by Glidewell technical experts, minimizing any learning curve and ensuring that the dental practice can begin to experience the power of digital dentistry as soon as possible. The combination of price and accompanying training is a great way for digital newcomers at DSOs to start their path toward CAD/CAM dentistry.

AI-Driven Workflow

Part of what makes glidewell.io so easy to use is the integration of artificial intelligence through its proprietary crown design software, CrownAI™. This innovative technology revolutionizes the crown design process by harnessing AI algorithms to generate custom designs tailored to each patient’s unique morphology and needs. Drawing on a database of 20 million successful cases, CrownAI ensures precision and reliability in crown fabrication, mirroring the standards upheld by the Glidewell lab. When a scan is uploaded, the software generates a design ready for approval within seconds.

What does that mean for the user? Precise-fitting crown designs in just a single click without having to play the role of a technician. This intuitive process eliminates the need for complex manual intervention, thus streamlining the treatment timeline and enhancing overall productivity. If needed, doctors can also adjust the margins, occlusion, and shape, resulting in better-fitting, more esthetic results. With single-unit posterior crowns representing the majority of same-visit cases, having the ability to easily deliver strong, permanent crowns in as little as an hour offers a great competitive advantage.

Material Choices for Multiple Solutions

While some CAD/CAM systems are limited to a single material capacity, glidewell.io offers a variety of material choices. Dentists who wish to offer a same-day, single-unit restoration can deliver a precise-fitting BruxZir® NOW or BruxZir® Esthetic NOW crown in under 45 minutes. Bruxzir NOW is also available as a bridge block for permanent anterior and posterior 3- to 4- unit bridges.

In situations where one-day treatment isn’t ideal, doctors can use an intraoral scanner and prescribe a restoration through the lab, with the option of creating a BioTemps® provisional in less than 10 minutes with the fastmill.io. Temporaries can also be milled using CAMouflage® NOW and Obsidian® NOW with results that easily rival that of a lab. The glidewell.io In-Office Solution offers a myriad of treatment pathways, each concluding with reliable restorative results. Whether one-appointment crowns or more complex laboratory-fabricated prostheses are needed, the glidewell.io ecosystem facilitates an expansive range of treatment options and provides support from a single interface.

dental cad cam glidewell.io

Reporting and Support

The glidewell.io In-Office Solution features data analytics and metrics that offer valuable insights into a practice’s performance. The tracking platform can display the total number of cases milled within a specific timeframe, the amount of material used, the time spent on design creation, the types of restorations produced, and the tooth numbers treated.

Additionally, data from the intraoral scanner can be collected and analyzed at both office and corporate levels, revealing the number of scans per location and the types of cases treated. For DSOs managing revenue, expenses, and financial metrics to ensure operational viability, this data can be used to set measurable targets and benchmarks. By monitoring key information, dental practices can establish goals, track their progress, and compare their performance against industry standards or competitors.

Doctors and their staff receive training straight from a Glidewell technician to fully learn each component of the glidewell.io system. In a time when staffing can be an issue for dental practices, this on-demand training allows offices to scale up easily train new hires regardless of turnover. Moreover, glidewell.io provides ongoing education on scanning and milling techniques. Through access to the annual IOX symposium and Glidewell Clinical Education via various platforms, dental practitioners can continually enhance their knowledge and skills, ensuring top-notch patient care. For DSOs that prioritize continuous training, education, and quality assurance programs for their affiliated dentists, glidewell.io is an excellent option.

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Glidewell will be hosting their second DSO Summit on July 26, 2024, at the Glidewell Clinical Education Center in Irvine, CA. The summit will feature discussions on a wide range of topics critical to the success of DSOs, including:

  • Strategies for leveraging current and future advancements in fixed and removable dental restorations
  • Innovations in patient services and treatment options to increase production (improve same store sales)
  • Digitization of practices, including considerations for lab restorations and capital expenditures
  • Development of clinical skills among new and young clinicians for recruitment and retention
  • Enhancing office-level adoption of new technologies

Learn more HERE.

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