9 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired – A Reality Check

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Understanding the Real Barriers

Our industry has undergone a significant transformation. DSOs have revolutionized career paths and employment opportunities. Clinicians can now aspire beyond their clinical roles. This employment transformation has emboldened clinicians to recognize that feeling stuck is not inevitable and that their true worth exceeds what they may have previously believed. 

However, looking for a nonclinical job in today’s market is not easy, and some are facing unexpected rejection. While some may hastily attribute their failure to secure non-clinical positions to external factors, the reality may be quite different. Contrary to common belief, the absence of a bachelor’s degree is likely not the primary impediment. Instead, the crux of the matter may lie within oneself rather than external circumstances. It’s time for a reality check from a dental recruiter.

1. Crafting Effective Communication with Employers

You are reaching out to companies way too casually. ‘Interested’, ‘Tired Clinician’, ‘I need out’ or ’New job’ will not work. Do any of those phrase’s scream, ‘Hire me because I bring value’ to you? Nope! It tells me absolutely nothing about you except that you’re lazy and that you really don’t care. I need some substance. Pitch me, sell yourself to me. Tell me why I should have a conversation with you and why I should submit you to my client instead of the other 30 people that contacted me earlier that day.

2. Building a Strong Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Your resume makes no sense whatsoever. Employers want experience, not a LinkedIn profile and resume that looks like a game of Mad Libs. Let’s refocus our efforts and then show how the skills you have will benefit the company and how you will impact their bottom line. Your LinkedIn profile and resume are your ticket out and if it’s filled with random skills that sound like they don’t belong—you’ll get dropped and then ignored.

3. Demonstrating Passion and Genuine Interest

You seem super bored. Employers want to hire people who are passionate about their jobs not someone who’s just going through the motions. If I ask what excites you and you tell me, ‘Getting out of clinical’, you’re out. Show employers that you’re excited about the opportunity and genuinely interested in the company.

4. Maintaining a Professional Online Presence

You’re a jerk online. Your LinkedIn profile is often the first impression you will make on potential employers. Chances are that if you’re being negative, silly, superficial, unprofessional, starting drama or you’re just a jerk on LinkedIn, a potential employer will see it. It’s important to remember that everything you post or comment is public. Your online presence speaks volumes about your character and will absolutely affect a hiring managers opinion when you’re looking for a new position. We’re adults, not mean girls, so just play nice.

5. Patience and Professionalism in Follow-Ups

You’ve contacted the hiring manager multiple times for an update, and you sent a gift too. NO. NOPE. Just no. Do not send a gift! During busy hiring streaks, we are trying our best to just breathe. Give us some grace and be patient. If we say we will let you know by Wednesday morning and Thursday rolls around, do not contact me demanding to know the status. Yes, ghosting does happen, but just give it some time.

6. Transitioning from Clinical to Non-Clinical Roles

You continue talking about teeth. You’re way too comfortable as a clinician. You have spent the last 10 years chairside so it’s understandable, but if you’re applying for a non-clinical position, the teeth talk needs to stop. Change is scary. I get it, but you’re going to have to spread those wings, my friend. Unless you’re applying for a job as the tooth fairy, limit the clinical terms when chatting with employers. Embrace the unknown, step outside of your comfort zone, and show employers that you’re ready to take on new challenges. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I promise you that they don’t care what type of prophy jet powder or filling material you are using. 

 7. Staying Current with Technology and Trends

Stay up to date. Get savvy with technology and embrace social media. Show employers that you’re proactive at learning technology or that you’re at least interested. For example, if a job posting requires certain technology or software, I would immediately try to find out how you can do a demo and/or a free trial so you’re familiar.

8. Emphasizing Teamwork and Collaboration

You’re only in it for #1. I understand that you’re the lead in your practice, but that won’t fly in the nonclinical space. Most employers have worked very hard to create a workplace culture of teamwork and collaboration. If an employer suspects you that you micromanage others or that you won’t contribute to the team because that’s “not your job,” you won’t be welcome.

9. Shifting Focus from Clinical to Soft Skills

You think you’re the best clinician. In the world of SRPs and fillings, you may be stellar, but if you only talk about those skills in an interview—you’ll be declined. Instead of focusing on clinical accomplishments, focus on the soft skills that will bring value to the company such as relationship building, adaptability and your ability to build rapport with others.

So, there you have it—the factors behind why you’re struggling to land a non-clinical job. Acknowledging these typical pitfalls marks the initial stride toward surmounting them. Take a moment to inhale deeply, cast off any self-doubt, and commence the journey anew with a revitalized sense of determination and a reservoir of confidence.

dental hiring tipsWritten by Allison Norris. Allison is the Founder and CEO of Dentele Group, the leading choice for non-clinical dental recruiting. A dental hygienist by profession, Allison has become the source of hope for clinicians in the dental industry. Allison is a published writer, was nominated for Top Talent’s Recruiting Agency to watch and was awarded Who’s Who in America and most recently, the 2024 Denobi Award.

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