Live Webinar: Discover the Secrets Behind the 2024 Emerging Groups to Watch Winners!

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Join the Group Dentistry Now (GDN) DSO Study Club for an engaging and informative 1-hour webinar, where we’ll hear from the Group Dentistry Now 2024 Emerging Group to Watch winners!

As the group dentistry model continues to gain momentum, GDN remains at the forefront, representing the voice of these dynamic multi-site practices.

The landscape of group dentistry is ever evolving, with no single path to success. While much attention is given to large DSOs, smaller yet significant emerging groups are making a substantial impact. Additionally, innovative models such as dental partnership organizations (DPOs), specialty-focused groups, and private group practices (PGPs) are flourishing as more dental entrepreneurs establish their own group practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights and inspiration from the leading voices in group dentistry. Register now to learn how these trailblazing groups are reshaping the future of dentistry!

Webinar Date/Time: Tuesday, August 27, 2024, 4pm – 5pm EST

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Learning Objectives:

* Identify the strategies used by emerging dental groups to ensure sustained growth.
* Discover the key factors contributing to their success and the significant challenges they face.
* Understand how their core philosophy drives their achievements and guides their practices.
* Explore methods they use to empower and motivate their dental teams.
* Examine both their short-term and long-term goals to understand their vision for the future.

Sponsored by Garfield Refining, the Refining Authority for DSOs.

Garfield Refining

Garfield’s mission is to provide a turnkey, organized refining service that is proven to maximize returns while relieving their partners of operational burdens. Offering a dental scrap recycling program customized for groups, their white-glove service has a proven track record of producing yearly revenue increases for their partners.