Efficient Teams, Lower Costs, Smoother Onboarding, Higher Profits

Standardized Systems Improve Staffing Success Across All Dental Locations

Confusion in the dental operatory means lost time and money and can leave a negative (and lasting) impression on patients. What if there was an easy way to lower costs, cut down on waste, and make onboarding and training fun and efficient – ultimately increasing profitability? 

Color Method by Zirc Dental Products has been proven to: 

  • Save Time. Offices that have implemented the Color Method report that clinicians leave the procedure room 95% fewer times. 
  • Save Money. After Color Method adoption, teams spend 45% less time sorting, pouching, and loading the autoclave. On average, practices see a return on investment in just 21 days!
  • Save Sanity. Dentistry can be stressful. Locations that utilize a lean clinical workflow are more efficient.

Watch this video to discover how Color Method will make your organization safer, happier, and more efficient.