Dental Support Organization’s Comedic Commercials Focuses in on Cost Conscious Customers

It is not often that dental practices produce high quality video commercials. Most don’t have the budget, the marketing savvy or the footprint to justify the investment in commercials. DSOs with dedicated marketing departments and multiple offices can use video to get their message out effectively to a larger, targeted audience. Geographic and demographic targeting is much more refined than ever before. Video commercials can be delivered through various distribution channels: traditional television, targeted cable outlets, YouTube, and social media. A video that goes viral, regardless of industry, is an invaluable asset and make a powerful impact on the bottom line.

The type of advertising and marketing a DSO does is most likely influenced by their overall branding strategy. Some DSOs have evolved from the acquisition or affiliation of solo practices and smaller dental group practices. Several of these DSOs have kept the local dental group or solo practice branding intact and continue to operate under the original, local brand. Still other dental support organizations have either built de novo locations with a single brand, or when acquiring or affiliating practices have changed the existing local brand to their singular brand.

There is not right or wrong branding strategy, however there is a marketing benefit to having a single brand. A single brand makes it easier and more cost effective when creating marketing materials and even when producing video.

Aspen Dental Management Inc. (ADMI) is a dental support organization that provides non-clinical business support services to independently owned and operated dental practices, which includes services and recommendations related to finding the right location, leasing, equipment, accounting and marketing. This model leaves independent, licensed practitioners free to concentrate on patient care. With more than 600 offices in 36 states, Aspen has a de novo strategy with a single brand across all 36 states it operates in. Its network of independent dental care providers is one of the largest and fastest growing in the U.S. and saw more than 1.5 million patients in 2016.

Aspen recently produced two, high quality, comedic video commercials to engage patients and reduce the typical fear and stress that can typically come from dental visits. Both commercials feature the tagline, “We’re a different kind of dentist.”

The first commercial features a dentist in line at a bank who ends up becoming the hero when the bank is robbed:

The second commercial features the Aspen Dental hero rescuing people stuck in an elevator while mentioning a 20% off dentures special:

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Source: YouTube, Aspen Dental

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Preview YouTube video 2017 Aspen Dental “Bank” commercial

2017 Aspen Dental “Bank” commercial

Preview YouTube video 2017 Aspen Dental “Elevator” dentures commercial

2017 Aspen Dental “Elevator” dentures commercial