Dentapen – It’s the Next-Generation Cclad

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The Dentapen’s lightweight, ergonomic design sets it apart from the competition. There are no cords, no console, no long tubing. The entire device fits in the palm of your hand. It is actually smaller and lighter than many traditional syringes. It allows dentists to give slow, consistent injections thereby reducing patient discomfort and pain.

It’s common knowledge that many patients fear going to the dentist and the number one reason why is that they fear getting injections. That fear may be the result of a bad experience or it may be because many injections hurt. They hurt because many dentists deliver an entire cartridge of anesthetic in less than 20 seconds. Local anesthetics are acidic and delivering anesthetic quickly stings. It’s like squirting some lemon juice on a cut. Slowing down an injection allows the body to raise the pH of the anesthetic thereby reducing the sting.

Dental injections can also be painful and damage tissue due to pressure variations. A human hand just can’t maintain even pressure in the same way that a computer-controlled device can. Too much pressure and the patient will experience pain.

Using the Dentapen will improve the patient experience by providing more comfortable and consistent injections. With a Dentapen, a dentist can focus more on the patient and less on their technique.

The intuitive design of the Dentapen means there is no steep learning curve. It isn’t necessary to adapt a technique to the device, rather the device allows a dentist to use the same techniques as a standard syringe but improves upon the result.

Assembling and operating the Dentapen is simple. There are two choices of grips that allow you to hold it like a traditional syringe or like a pen. It accommodates standard dental anesthetic cartridges and needles – no need for special propriety supplies. It offers three speeds and two modes making it easy to choose the right options for each type of injection.

The Dentapen was designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. That is why it includes automatic aspiration. To aspirate, simply activate the flow by pressing down on the finger grip and stop the flow by pressing it a second time. The plunger will retract a little creating the negative pressure needed for aspiration, and then return to its starting position. Every time the flow is stopped, aspiration will occur.

With a Dentapen, injections are more comfortable for patients, more comfortable for dentists, and more consistent and predictable. The Dentapen from Septodont is the ideal solution for dentists looking to improve their practice.

The Dentapen can be held like a syringe or like a pen and is probably smaller than you think!






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