Drive Practice Production with Long-Term Solutions

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Restorations are fundamental to any growing dental group or DSO because they provide patients with functionally necessary and transformative esthetic results. Done correctly and efficiently, they are an ideal way to drive practice production.

However, not all patients are financially ready or able to commit to a permanent restoration and need a provisional solution that can at least get them through a period of months or years.

There are additional challenges in today’s environment. Patients have become accustomed to fast, esthetically pleasing results that are reliable and affordable. At the same time, dentists need to feel confident that their products are versatile, efficient, cost-effective and highly durable so that patients are not continually returning to the office.

When you need to bridge the gap between a temporary provisional and a permanent dental prosthesis, LuxaCrown by DMG is the perfect long-term provisional crown and bridge solution.

Mechanical properties matter

LuxaCrown has exceptional fracture toughness of > 2 MPa*m0,5 ensuring stable restorations. *Data on file. In vitro studies for LuxaCrown that measured wear, color stability, flexural strength, fracture toughness, and polishability LuxaCrown yielded outstanding results, proving the material’s stability and long-term application. LuxaCrown gives the remaining tooth long-lasting protection, to restore anatomical form, masticatory function, and for esthetic corrections. Ultimately, all of these benefits provide time and cost-savings for both the dentist and the patient.

Jaw clenching and teeth grinding have increased due to stress from COVID-19. According to a survey done by the NIH, National Library of Medicine, almost half of the subjects reported an increase in bruxism behaviors.

Even in cases of bruxism resulting in severe tooth wear and significant loss of tooth surface, this long-lasting provisional material can endure without the occurrence of defects or significant fractures. In extreme cases of parafunctional activity, LuxaCrown offers significant improvement in esthetics and function.

Below is an example of a full mouth rehabilitation for a patient with bruxism. This LuxaCrown restoration remained in the patient’s mouth for 12 months, during which time checks and adjustments took place. Despite severe tooth wear, this long-term restoration endured without the occurrence of defects or significant fractures:


Exceptional efficiency and affordability

LuxaCrown not only offers outstanding stability, excellent esthetics and high-performance, it also saves time and money as it is a low-cost solution for both patients and DSOs. There are no lab fees associated with the long-lasting provisional crown which is fabricated chair-side. The proven automix system guarantees efficient usage with optimal material results, producing up to 36 single crowns or up to 24 three-unit bridges with a single 50ml cartridge.

ADA Codes: 02394, 02710.

Hear from nationally recognized dentist and founder of igniteDDS, Dr. David Rice, on the two universal drivers, money and time, that are relevant to patients and how LuxaCrown can help your dental group and patients:


Optimum versatility and long-lasting esthetics

Produced with ease in one chairside session, the easy-to-make, high-performance composite crown and bridge material is characterized by natural fluorescence and high color stability – a choice of five shades are offered.


Features and benefits:

• Long-lasting with excellent results
• Time and cost savings
• Quick and easy technique
• Optimum mechanical properties


• High polishability
• Reliable durability
• Excellent esthetics

Wide range of indications:

• Affordable alternative to conventional crowns
• Dental restoration due to age
• Deciduous tooth restoration
• Dental restoration after root canal treatment
• Temporary implant restoration
• Protection against acid erosion (e.g. bulimia and abrasion (bruxism)


• Vertical dimension cases
• Pediatric cases
• Phased treatments
• Cosmetic restorative cases
• Emergency cases
• Implant cases
• Challenging restorative situations



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