DSO Focus on Periodontal Disease Raises Case Acceptance and Improves Health

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Rafael Rondon, VP of Hygiene at Coast Dental

Coast Dental began implementing Perio Tray™ therapy from Perio Protect in late 2021. The benefits have extended beyond improved gingival health to include greater trust between clinicians and patients and higher treatment acceptance.

Rafael Rondon, Vice President of Hygiene at Coast Dental, explains his goals and the results, some unexpected, from adding Perio Protect to 110 offices.

The missing link in successful treatment was homecare

“I brought Perio Protect to Coast because I wanted something fresh that aligned with our standard of care for patients. Improving health is our first priority. When we do right by our patients, the organization does well too.

We’ve worked hard to standardize care, to provide the right diagnosis and the right individualized treatments. The breakdown came between office visits.

So, we started prescribing Perio Tray™ therapy for patient homecare to decrease bleeding, inflammation, bacterial loads, pocket depths and related halitosis. Patients were treating brushing and flossing routines, especially flossing, like homework. Perio Protect is easy. You just fill the custom sealed trays with Perio Gel™ and wear them while you shower, read a book, take a walk, or watch a show.”

It feels good

“I had done the homework. The research was solid, and the results on the ground are solid too. We’ve had thousands of patients accept Perio Protect treatment. Patients report that Perio Tray™ therapy makes their mouths feel good. They also like their whiter teeth and fresher breath.

Perio Protect also makes our hygiene teams feel good. We expected good results, but our hygienists gush over the stippling that returns with Perio Tray™ therapy.  You can see this in pictures, but it’s transformative when the results are chairside. There is a new connection between the hygienists and the patients, a new excitement about how healthy our patients are and a new trust from our patients in our care for them.”

We didn’t expect so much patient engagement

“The most surprising result of prescribing Perio Protect, in my opinion, is the elevation of patient awareness.  With Perio Tray™ therapy, we create a team atmosphere between patients and clinicians.  Patients know why they are using Perio Protect at home and they are paying attention to the bleeding and healthy color of their tissues like never before. Perio Protect creates an ongoing connection between patients and their oral care providers.

Treatment satisfaction may also be higher because Perio Protect makes maintenance appointments so much easier.  Daily use, just 10-15 minutes, of Perio Tray™ therapy modifies calculus so it is not tenacious. The appointments are easier on the patients and on the clinicians. Not only are patients happier, but they also appear to have more trust in the dental team. We notice that Perio Protect patients are more receptive to other treatment they need.”

It’s easy

“Perio Protect support is amazing. We have a dedicated Perio Protect liaison (shout out to Liz Nies!) who structured the initial onboarding in partnership with us. She breaks down the educational components from clinician to clinician to help them understand how to implement treatment. Now she manages a continual onboarding program that has been so important with the tremendous turnover in our practices.

Basically, Perio Protect makes everything easy.”

To learn how Perio Tray™ therapy from Perio Protect can benefit your group, visit www.perioprotect.com/DSO.

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