DSO Implements Acquisition and Retention Initiatives for Employees and Patients

In 1991, a group of dental professionals saw the need for multi-specialty dental care in many communities throughout Southern California. Privately held for over 25 years, West Coast Dental now has 36 dental care practices across the state of California, serving patients of all ages.

The DSO has recently unveiled a new company credo: SERV. Standing for Service, Excellence, Respect, Value, the updated credo aims to drive a new culture for patients and employees alike. This shift starts at the employee level, where this new transformational leadership style will create a positive, forward-thinking culture aimed at encouraging and motivating employees to reach their full potential. The group executives understand that when employees are stimulated, challenged, and emboldened, their level of service for their patients, in turn, becomes more thorough and thoughtful.

As another part of their SERV mission, West Coast Dental will institute a scholarship program, giving up to $10,000 in educational scholarships to the children of West Coast Dental employees. Children of West Coast Dental employees who are high school seniors with a high grade point average will be eligible to apply for the West Coast Dental Scholarship Program.

“We’re looking forward to putting this new name, SERV, to our existing strategy of service and quality care, both for our patients and our employees. By streamlining our processes under the new credo, we can now operate with set goals and standards which will offer heightened care for our patients, and additional services, like our Scholarship Program, to employees. It is with these programs that we hope to recruit the absolute best providers in oral care, which, again, ultimately benefits our patients while lifting up our valued employees.” -Dr. Payam Sohrab, CEO, West Coast Dental

The credo is not the only new addition to the dental support organization. Magicland Dental, an affiliate of the DSO, is a pedodontic paradise and a place that caters to children. Their flagship location in Torrance, CA had proven itself to be so appealing to the community, that they have recently opened up a second Magicland location which will feature 11 treatment chairs.

The design and décor puts children at ease in order to assist clinicians provide a thoughtful and gentle approach to oral healthcare education and maintenance. The kid-friendly setting includes a small movie theater, a fun and engaging lobby, a designated video and interactive game area, as well as multiple colorful murals throughout the facility. In addition to their regular amenities, patients will enjoy specials like free fluoride Fridays and free screenings for braces.

Watch their video below for a magical tour:

Sources: West Coast Dental Services Inc, PRWeb, Business Insider

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