DSO, Onsite Dental, Acquires HENRY The Dentist, Expanding Its Employer-Based Dental Care Footprint Nationwide

Onsite Dental, the national leader of employer-based dental care backed by Norwest Venture Partners, today completed its acquisition of the venture-backed mobile dental firm, HENRY The Dentist (HENRY). The acquisition adds HENRY’s complementary delivery models, branding and marketing expertise, client and prospect lists, and east coast presence to Onsite Dental’s long standing leadership position. To date, Onsite Dental has raised close to $60M in funding and anticipates raising additional funds for further expansion soon.

The first napkin version of HENRY was created in 2016 by founders Justin Joffe and his wife Alexandria Ketcheson. Neither is a clinician, in fact, this is their first business venture into the healthcare space. Their dental director is a dentist.

A year after the napkin version, their vision became a reality and the first mobile dental practice opened. In 2018, they launched two more mobile dental practices. On February 4th, 2019, they opened their first brick-and-mortar practice. The practice is open to the public and is available for any patients seen in the mobile practices that may need further treatments.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, both Onsite Dental and HENRY were doubling their annual revenues and the combined company mirrors the same growth rate now as the pandemic caused a sharp uptick in health-conscious behaviors including increased attention to oral health. Addressing this new attitude towards dental care, a $140B market, Onsite Dental continues to prioritize making dentistry more accessible. As more employers, universities, unions and residential complexes provide their people with private onsite health services, Onsite Dental continues on its path of accelerated growth.

“At its core, the Onsite Dental experience is about making the highest quality dental care and patient experience more readily accessible. We are very excited about adding HENRY’s outstanding team and their many capabilities that will enable us to expand and improve our services more rapidly for our clients nationwide.” – Ern Blackwelder, Onsite Dental CEO

Dedicated to providing high quality care, Onsite Dental leverages its proprietary technology in its patient portal to ensure a convenient and personalized experience for all patients, starting from the time they book an appointment to the moment they receive dental care. Patient satisfaction is reflected in the company’s Net Promoter Score® which consistently maintains a rate in the low 90s, establishing Onsite Dental as a leader amongst the dental industry.

“We are thrilled to be joining Onsite Dental, a company that shares HENRY’s commitment to elevating dental care and the patient experience. Together we will accelerate our capability to bring great dental care to more clients across the country.” – Justin Joffe, Onsite Dental Chief Strategy Officer and HENRY Founder and CEO – Justin Joffe, Onsite Dental Chief Strategy Officer and HENRY Founder and CEO

With the acquisition of HENRY, Onsite Dental currently reaches over 850,000 eligible lives, servicing more than 150 clients across 14 states. The combined company is planning rapid expansions in both new and existing states to provide more patients with accessible and high quality dental care.

In April 2019, Group Dentistry Now covered both Onsite Dental and HENRY The Dentist in an article focused on dental groups adapting to a generational shift in patients and the need for more convenient options. You can read the article, As The Millennial Generation Overtakes Baby Boomers, Dental Groups Adapt With Convenient SolutionsHERE.

In March 2018 GDN also covered Onsite Dental, their latest investment and their business model. They have three distinct innovative delivery models, providing onsite dental care in fixed-site and mobile practices to more than 230,000 staff members at leading organizations in technology, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, entertainment and higher education. The article, DSO With Several Innovative Delivery Models Gets $20 Million Investment To Expand Workplace-Based Services can be read – HERE.

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